Album: Avenged Sevenfold (2007)
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  • Vocalist M Shadows in Kerrang! Magazine: "It's about looking into a reflection of yourself. It uses the sort of metaphor of falling into the afterlife and arguing with the gods and realizing you kinda left too soon and didn't do the things you needed to do. You didn't get to make up with your father; you didn't get to let the ones that you love know that you love them. It's kinda saying live in the moment and be the person you want to be now before it's too late."

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  • Nagham from Saudi Arabia i think the song is talking about getting out of his mother's belly (Birth) And he doesn't want this life he called it After Life.
  • Gaspe from Argentina, Buenos AiresI think is just a guy who is in heaven, and wants to come back, just that. But for some reason it touchs me deep inside, weird.
  • Engine13It is really as simple as it sounds. The band has mentioned that its about a guy that is semt to heaven to realise he isnt ready for it. Literal heaven. Im not sure why a song by the band that wrote "little piece of heaven" has entered so much scrutiny for deeper definition.
  • Rosco from Spaincachiest song ever!!! epic!!! one of the best avenged sevenfold songs
  • Homosapiens from CaWhat is a topic that represents the song?
  • Ricky from Kinston, NcI believe its a man who is going through a lot and isnt ready for paradise with the girl he loves. He wants to leave and find himself then he wishes the girl would take him back when hes better.
  • Mfernflower from NyAlways though this song was about certain types of mental illness but whatever.
  • Brian from Omaha, Ne UsaThere's no afterlife in a spiritual sense in this song IMO. "I don't Belong here I've gotta move on here" is basically saying that he needs to break away from his family/friends etc and escape from feeling like a ghost in his own life (escape from this afterlife) and hoping that they'll understand that it isn't about them but something he needs to do for himself and that he hopes they will still be there when he comes home.
  • Spencer from Denver-coloradoI love this band there really good plus this song reminds me of the Rev don"t know why though.
  • Cory from Dayton, OhGraet song, I really like it.
  • Zack from Seymour, InI don't think the song is referring to a legit afterlife... Great band though.
  • Koltan from Calgary, AbWhile it may not match up with any commonly seen interpretations of the song, I feel that this song takes on a very intense and striking meaning if you liken the "Afterlife" mentioned to a drug addiction, as though somebody is understanding that, although they may enjoy themself, they feel empty in the long run, and they are missing their chance to live. This is my personal take, and, if it is intended, an impactful message in my opinion.
  • Alex from St. Catharines, Onthis song has a pretty erie meaning overall considering it is mostly about dying too early and was co-written by the Rev,
  • Deanna from Radcliff, KyProbably one my favorite songs, I get goosebumps listening to it. Genius.
  • Alex from St. Catharines, Onin the breakdown of the song the rev sings " I need another chance to live" which gave me chills when i first realized what he was saying, considering the entire song is about someone dying too early...
    RIP foREVer <3
  • Samantha from San Diego, Cahere I sit, and YES, I read M. Shadows meaning, and everyone has there own way of looking at the song.... It relates to all ov us differently, but mine, is saddened with Its like he is the one singing it to me, telling me that he left his family way too soon, and that he loves me, and he don't want to leave but his kids love and miss him and he has to go back, with out me, and that he hopes that I will be willing to take him back when the time is right. I am everything he wants in a relationship, but he keeps his kids first...
  • Katharine from Kent, United KingdomI listened to this song nearly 200 times in a months, it's pure genius.
    I think it's about someone who died too soon, had some unfinished business and needs to get back to his life, pretty much what Matt said, but also that if you dont do something, you will regret it later.
  • Noah from E Northport, Nyi thought this was about a guy whos dying but hes in the world still but he cant be seen like in the movie were the guy does stuff but time resets wen he does and he gets revived by the doctors
  • Noah from E Northport, Nythis is the best song ive ever heard in my life
  • Rickey from Lansing, Mithis song is epic
  • Austin from Gastonia, Nci think this guy leaves his girlfrind because she is holding him back wich is the afterlife and he want's her to take him back when the time is rite.

  • Matthew from Vancouver, BcI can agree with most of these comments. what I believe is that a man dies, gets sent to an afterlife, and realizes that he had many more sights to see, and things to do on earth.
  • Alec from Pal Harbor, Flthis song always reminds me never to leave something unfinished or to fix something you've done a long time ago and when ever ive done something wrong i listen to this song and realize what ive done
  • Cody from Kansas City, MoThe song is about a man who dies early and finds himself in Heaven. Upon entering, he realizes that he has too many things to do on earth, and to go back and make it right he has to escape from the afterlife.(This part was mentioned by Zacky Vengeance in the "making of 'Afterlife'" video)

    And yes,the solo is awesome.
  • Andrew from Durham, United KingdomThis song is about a man dying and not liking what he sees in heaven and then given permission to go back to earth as he haves unfinished business.
  • Austin from Houston, TxEven though the song already has a meaning you can relate to it in your own way. Many musicians leave it in general terms so you can have your own meaning. To me this song is about drug addiction and overdosing. Everything he mentions in the song is what it's like when you overdose that's what you see.
  • Corey from Jaffery, NhThis song basically describes my life, I am in love with this girl, and she is in love with me, but nothing else seems right, and its too perfect "Im unbroken; Im choking on this ecstasy." I plan on leaving to the army, "I just want to say goodbye, please understand I have to leave and carry on my own life." but I do love her and plan to be with her when I get back, if she still feels the same way, "This place is full of light, and I'd hope you might, take me back, when the time is right." thats just my interpretation, think what you please.

  • Cesar from San Jose, Cagreat solo
  • Zach from Buckeye, AzI actually agree with sevral of these ppl. ill just list them... Kris from Rome, Sarah of LA, Ikkin of bedford, and most of all the singer himself. THIS song has interpreted many ways and a different way each time. O well i love this song and i have to hear it at least once or twice a day
  • Emory from Jacksonville, CaI don't belong here, we gotta move on here; Escape from this earth!! Full of beasts in my eyes
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasits about stages of life and moving on from bad times.
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasoh mna i loooves it. i love the line " got nothing against you and surely i'll miss you" ahh. its what helped me to get out of a bad relationship, i was partying every night and drinking and it was because of the guy i was dating... ahhh. i had to "escape the afterlife of where i just didnt belong" ha. this song rocks! saved my life basically!
  • Kris from Rome, Gai think its about a guy committing suicied and he's telling his girlfriend he's sorry cause he has to go and he hopes she will take him "back inside when the time is right"
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi dont see how you guys think the song meaning is different. i mean you hear what the meaning is straight from the Matt Shadows mouth!
  • Jessica from Bloomfield , Nji think this song is about moving on to a bigger town and leaving behind the small town life you once had (afterlife) and that eventually you will come back to the small town (afterlife) when you are ready. but thats just my interpretation.
  • Sarah from La, Ca(Personally) I think this song is about a guy gitting into a accident (like a car crash) and dies and is brought back. I think he is in his afterlife for a little bit because of the lyric " Fallen into this place,JUST JIVING YOU A SMALL TASTE OF YOUR AFTERLIFE HERE SO STAY, YOU"LL BE BACK SOON ANYWAY" I think he was their a little while and when back to his life, but someday he will go back. He pleaded to go with the gods go back to life. And the lyrics saying "and I'd ope you might take me back inside when the time is right" is he wants to come back someday but mot now.----------P.S.____I LOVE THIS SONG
  • Sarah from La, CaLOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!! love the beat and the singer's vocie!!!!!! This is my favorite song!!!!
  • Holly from Monmouth, OrI LOVE THIS SONG!!! lol thats all i can say =)
  • Ikkin from Bedford, Txi love that song its one of my favorite avenged sevenfold songs. and i love the meaning of it too it really makes you want to live the life you want to live, and not the life your dad wants you to live, or your mom, or your best friend. you gotta live your life before its too late.
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