Bat Country

Album: City Of Evil (2005)
Charted: 60


  • This song is based on a book called Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. There is also a movie with the same name with Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro as the leading actors. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Henrique - Cascais, Portugal
  • Avenged Sevenfold got their name from the Bible verse, "He who kills Cain shall suffer vengeance seven times over." Their name is often abbreviated "A7X." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Richie - Philadelphia, PA
  • The opening line of the song, "He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man" is a quote by 17th Century British author Dr. Samuel Johnson. >>
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    Meek - V-Town, NY
  • The song title is never mentioned in the lyrics. >>
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    Ivan - Niš, Yugoslavia

Comments: 39

  • John from Altamonte Springs, FlLol!That's good matt.yeah though this song gets u pumped.this song is like making out with uh hot chick,get'n in a fight,and sitting in the locker rooms 5 min. before the superbowl, all morphed into one.The opening RULESS!!!
  • Jeff from Philadelphia, PaMadden 2006 song..Definitely relates to the life of a steroid injected football players!
  • Austin from Houston, TxTribute to fear and loathing in las vegas! Great book and movie! Watch it!!
  • Tina from Santa Ana, CaI do miss the screaming some what, but part of me doesnt. More so the solos have improved. Love avenged to death. The rev has really stepped up his game with the kick ass drum parts in the songs and the back up vocals. Even if Matt stopped screaming we still have the rev back there for us. Yeah they have changed, not for the best or worst, but they have showed they can still make good music even if their styles can change. I will stay a true fan to them no matter what happens. that is unless they go hip hop which I doubt they are anything thing like good charlotte. Lol.
  • Chauncey from Omha, NeSo, ppl that say there old stuff is better are right.
    the new stuff is pretty good. but the old stuff is just amazing
    since that surgery theyhad to change theyre style a little
    sometimes though ists nice to listen to this especially after listening to Waking The Fallen for the Ten-Thousandth Time
  • J from Jackson, GaMy favorite part of this song is when he says "to many doses and i'm starting to get an attraction," because I used to hate this band and my cousin played them so much when I was around him that I started to like them.
  • Kodos from Muswellbrook, Australia($)this is a mad song n mi fave dude is synyster gates coz he sings mad n plays guitar sik($)

    ok, i'm happy now 8]
  • Aj from ???, MiCaught here in a firey blaze, wont loose my will to stay. slipknot is awesome, disturbed is alright, and korn is gay. anywho, anyone know when a7x is coming to detroit? omg, is there really gunna be only 1 more cd?
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Cathis song rocks. i like m. shadows' voice.
  • Chad from Calgary, Canada"City of Evil is indeed an amazing album but Waking the Fallen is so awesome its in another league with albums such as ten thousand fists by disturbed and subliminal verses by slipknot"

    Your dillusional Disturbed SUCKS for starters, its a sad mainstream attempt to stay fashionable while appealing to people who like metalhardcore... I bet you like Korn too... no talent.
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Canot my favorite avenged sevenfold song but one of the best. i love this sng and its perfect for guitar hero.
  • Hunter from Marshamellow, Vai allways thought this song was about an acid trip, "Now take a trip with me but don't be surprised when things aren't what they seem."
  • Poo from Your Dogs Anus, United StatesCity of Evil is indeed an amazing album but Waking the Fallen is so awesome its in another league with albums such as ten thousand fists by disturbed and subliminal verses by slipknot
  • Brandon from Diamond Bar, Caavenged sevenfolds old stuff was what definded them. this new CD changed who they are and what people thought of them. And their new album coming out this year is supposed to be soft stuff as well. They are now made off their guitarists, Zackary Baker (Zacky Vengeance) and Brian Haner (Synyster Gates). And Matt's screaming wasnt reduced because of his surgery, he wanted to change their style of music. But they are still a great band. You all should go to a show, and meet them. They are kick ass...
  • Annie from Pittsburgh, Pathe name "Bat Country" is from the line in "Fear and Loathing" when Raoul Duke is driving down the road with his attourney right before they pick up the hitchiker and he is swatting at imaginary bats and says: "Wait! We can't stop here! This is bat country."
  • Paige from Geelong, AustraliaI got into A7X recently and became instantly obsessed. Bat Country is one of my fave songs. But the reason i really got into it is because of the varying styles. i mean, i love their screamier songs, but there are times wen u want to listen to songs that u can sing along to, and thats wen i throw on City of Evil. if u truly love a band, u gotta love em all the time.
    to Jesus, since im not religious, i'l treat ur comment like the bible- a bit of fiction with no substance ( not trying to offend anyone).
    ps- i really want Synyster Gates
  • Danielle from Baltimore, MdI have never actually heard of Avenged Sevenfold before until this single was released. I think that they are an awesome band. They really bring you back to the old 80's hairband days, which I can't get enough of. The guitar solos are great.
  • Zac from Simi Valley, CaThe name of this band actually comes from the King James version of the bible, in Genesis Chapter Four, verse 24 (4:24), which reads, "If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold". Viva La A7X!
  • Cody from Saint Louis, Moa7x's old stuff was awesome and so is there new stuff. i dont see what all the complaining is about, the music is still great.
  • Jesus from Atlanta, Gathis song just might be the most incredible song on the most incredible CD any band has ever put out. I really like how in A7X's City of Evil album how Every song has a guitar solo in it. Synyster Gates, for all you people who don't know that he's the guitarist in A7X, is truly the best modern day guitarist. Johnny Christ is also one of the coolest bassists of all time with the coolest name of all time. THe Rev is also a really cool drummer...................... P.S. jake, what the hell do u mean ????????
  • Taylor from Aurora, CoO.M.G...A7X is the best band EVER, they're are my favorite, and they are all HOT!!! M Shadows(Matt) sounds great screaming and just plain singing and the guitar solos are great. i have all their cds and if/when they make new ones, i will be getting those too. keep rockin' hards boys!!!
  • Mitch from Ames, IaAvenged Sevenfold's guitar playing brings back the old stuff. And I cryed when I heard them guitar solos. for those of you who think they should go back to screaming. change is good.
  • Joey from Corpus Christi, TxNot to be hard on this band, but even if Matt got surgery on his throat and can't really scream anymore, can't they try some other way to still keep playing the music that they use to play b/c this song to me is just not very good.
  • Spencer from Windsor, CanadaRozzy from toronto i dont really think youve ever heard there old stuff and it is by far way better you have to actually listen to it and enjoy there was nothing lame it gets you psyched for anything LIke on Sounding the Seventh trumpet listen to Thick and Thin or Streets thats track eleven and twelve if you just burned it. But seriously dude from bethlehem don't use jesus' name if your going to be so close-minded.
  • Joey from Gallipolis, Okgreatest song out right now!! love it!!!!!!!!!!
  • Florabelle from Canterbury, Englandalso , i will look out for the movie and book and show it to my friend who is fanatical about a7x
  • Jesus from Bethlahem, Israelthis song is about how much avenged sevenfold sucks, they sing about bats and in the video theres lizard woman and that was kind of freaky i dident like that very much they should stop making music.
  • Erika from Phoenix, OrI absolutely love the direction they are going with their songs now. The vocals and overall sound is absolutely beautiful. The slow moments in this song along with the faster moments all have a real emotion to them that are well concieved and executed.
  • Spencer from Windsor, Canadaa7x is probably one of my most favorite bands, i still think Awaken The Fallen was there best CD, and i was really bummed when Shadow had to have throat surgery. The Whole CD is ridiculasly good though and i thought it had a wide variety of styles of music such as some G&R and a mexican solo which is intense also you cant forget some of there old stuff however. The solos are amaxing 2 like u said Nick from Boston. Neways the only thing is they really overplay Bat Country on the radio and TV so i got a little sick of it. once i learned how to play it that is. Bit its still a good song, Peace.
    -Spencer, Windsor, Canada
  • Rozzy from Toronto, CanadaI got into the band because of this song. I believe their past work was pretty lame compared to these delineated rock stylings. The vocals have a smooth yet aggressive edge, the instrumentals are fantastic and the band has plenty of personality.
  • Chels from Elmhurst, IlMatt can't scream no more becuse he had sugery on his throught.
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyThe video for this song alwas gets me hyped up.Lol like Im an invincible rebel anarchist.It'll get you hyped up to, well the part when hes like "I try-y-y-y-y-y-y" and the harder parts.Get what Im saying?
  • Elyssa from Goliad, TxIve been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold since the beginning when 'Sounding the Seventh Trumpet' came out. There an awesome band, but i did like them better back then with the hardcore screams, now its just, blah mtv, but i still respect em, anyways, yea, definately check out the movie or book if you havent, it rocks! Later <3
  • Dan from Petaluma, CaMan, the earlier albums were what Avenged Sevenfold was about. The new stuff is alright, but since being a listener from the start it's kinda hard to go from screaming to where it's at now.
  • Jake from Alta Loma, Cathis song just reminds me of that hockey game NHL o6!
  • Mary from Keyport, NjI think that this band is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alex from St Louis, Mothe solos on the city of evil cd are amazing and M Shadows finally STOPPED SCREAMING!!!
  • Nick from Boston, Mathe song is about a fear and loathing in las vagas by hunter s. thompson... its about a journalist who takes a trip out to vegas to cover a motorbike race and brings along a trunk full of drugs... the car in the video is the same as in the movie and book as well as the hitch hiker (johnny christ) and his huge thumb( characature in the book) the video also shows lizard strippers and in the book the main character is triping on acid when he sees ppl giant lizards eating each other,,, i advise anyone to read the book it was amazing
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