Creating God

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  • The Stage album is loosely based around the concept of artificial intelligence. This song talks about computers and how advanced they have become.

    Better tame your convictions before you go and open the cage
    We're creating god, master of our designs
    We're creating god, unsure of what we'll find

    Vocalist M Shadows explained to Rolling Stone: "Computers are getting smarter and smarter, and all of a sudden they're becoming your god; they're so much more intelligent than you, you seem like apes to them, or ants."
  • Speaking with SiriusXM Octane host Jose Mangin, M. Shadows explained the lyrical theme running through The Stage. "I wouldn't call it a concept album, but it's very conceptual in terms of artificial intelligence, where we're going in the future, some of the big questions that are gonna be answered very soon - in the next ten to fifty years - with artificial intelligence," he said. "And then it also kind of goes into space exploration and how A.I. could help us with that and also how A.I. could be detrimental to the human race. So it explores all those things."
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