Nobody's Home

Album: Under My Skin (2004)
Charted: 24 41
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  • Avril wrote this song because she had a friend who was experiencing problems; she wanted to do something for her, but felt helpless. The song expresses Avril's feelings about this friend and her frustration. >>
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    John - Sydney, Australia
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  • Jaymi from OklahomaTo me, this song is kind of like someone looking in on there own life. The girl who is having problems is almost unrecognizable to herself. That's kind of how I see it
  • Maddy from Barrie, Oni love this song its catchy its stuck in my head.
  • Meadow from Hydro, Oki love this song it kinda reminds me of my friend her parnts didnt like her and they hurt her fisicly and mintly...ilove avril she rocks this song is a nice thing 2 do 4 her friend.
  • Jennie from Ansonia, CtThis song reminds me how my friend C.J. in high school went through so much s--t in her home and her parents kept throwing her out. It was really hard on her, but she managed and is ok now.
  • Janey from Shenandoah, IaVery touching about stuff I've been through :]
  • Alysha from North Bend, Orlove this song absolutly amazing!!!!!!
  • Melissa from Liverpool, United Kingdomamazing song,I can SO relate to this not knowing why you feel depressed :(
  • Jam from Makati, Philippinesthis song exactly describes what i feel.. i can relate to this because i really am finding it hard to live my veryday life battling with the feelings im having for my friend who doesn't even know what i really feel for just sad..
  • Asia from Hendersonville, NcThe Name of the song is Broken, not Nobody's Home. I like the song.
  • AnonymousShe wants to go home ,but nobody's home .its where she lies .broken inside .with no place to go ,no place to go to .dry her eyes .broken inside .(I want to sing this song with Avril Lavigne ,I like and love and care with this song
  • Sara from Medford, Njjen from westville NJ this song is sad i felt lost inside for a long time and this song explains a lot of feelings. her music video is showing what kind of life her friend has....maybe it didn't look like that exactly but that was probably what it was like on the inside of the situation...dark,helpless,depressing.....u just don't understand the meaning of anything go listen to a barney song...i love u, u love me, were best friends like friends should be haha....since u love such easy to understand type of lyrics.
  • Meghan from Portland, Mei love this song. Its one of her best. Its definatly about a friend just watching her friends life go down the drain. Not being able to do very mutch since obviously this person dosnt want help...or the friend just isnt trying very hard
  • Joanna! from Athens, Greecethis song is really depressing but i love it!
  • Helen from England, Englandi think this song i brill, when 'jen from westville' mentioned the music video, we dont need the video tho, we can appreciate it with out it
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flagreed your mom, your dad. it's hard to cheer someone up, who's close to you and have them shove you aside. it's also hard when that person betrayed your friends and you and has screwed up a friendship. it sucks.
  • Dannyelle from Hamilton, TxMy mom has been messing up with her own life and still is. She got mixed up with drugs and the wrong people. SO everynight I play this song before I go to bed
  • Ashlee from Vermilion, Canadai sang this song in a competion. Avril has gone threw so many things lately i can't imagen so many things to happen shes such a strong person.10 thumbs up to avril...not that i hate 10 thumbs lol
  • Your Mom from Your Dad, CanadaI can relate because my best friend is going through some hard times and I try to help her but it's NOT AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS, especially if they don't want help and you live far away from them.
  • Sharon from Aucklandwell, this song is alright but it is quite sad especially the video.
  • Frankie from New York City, Nymaybe her friend doesn't want help so she wrote a song to try and prove a point to her friend so that he/she can get help. You shouldn't be so quick to judge a person when you don't know all the facts.
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flvery sad song...gets me all better when i have a problem
  • Jen from Westville, NjYou know I've heard the song.The riff is terrible and it is a bad song, if she really wants to help her friend she wouldnt "write" a song about it and dress up like her in a music video. Also i love how she is dressed decadently while her 'friend' is getting sponge baths in a convenient store restroom.You know what she should have done? Helped her!
  • Lawrence from Singapore, Singaporequite a nice song
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