Band of Horses

Ben BridwellVocals, guitar
Creighton BarrettDrums2006-
Tyler RamseyGuitar, vocals2007-2017
Bill ReynoldsBass2007-2017
Ryan MonroeKeyboards2007-
  • Band of Horses singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell also plays drums. He started playing music as the drummer of a Seattle band called Carissa's Wierd but quit to form his own group. Bridwell can also play a little bit of banjo and lap steel guitar.
  • Band of Horses singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell loves watching baseball. He doesn't have a favorite team but his least favorite team is the New York Yankees. Bridwell told Pop Matters that he "hates the moneyball aspect" of baseball and the extraordinary salaries of the Yankees' players, stating "I want to see any team beat those guys."
  • Although Band of Horses formed in Seattle, frontman Ben Bridwell relocated the band to his native South Carolina after they started to take off. Bridwell wanted to be closer to his family and friends when he wasn't on the road. He's married and has a young daughter and his siblings have children too.
  • Band of Hoses frontman Ben Bridwell almost went broke while recording the group's 2010 album Infinite Arms. Although his producer was a good friend who gave him a deal on the recording costs, Bridwell spent a fortune on lodging and food while the band was making the disc. In the end, however, the frontman was happy because funding the record himself meant that he was able to keep the rights and creative control to his own music.
  • When recording Band of Horses 2010 album Infinite Arms, drummer Creighton Barrett listened to a lot of crazy music to bring out his creativity. Barrett listened to everything from Turkish psychedelic music (which he describes as "radical") to straight-up, classic country like Waylon Jennings.
  • Band of Horses drummer Creighton Barrett was a skateboarder in high school. He believes skaters see the world in a different, more creative way. His favorite skaters are Mark Gonzalez and Jason Dill. Barrett even started his own skate company called Old Money that sells T-shirts and skate apparel.
  • Band of Horses drummer Creighton Barrett calls himself an "old man" because of his joint problems. He wears braces on both of his ankles and his right one is permanently damaged. He sometimes pulls out wrist guards onstage as well to protect his joints while drumming.
  • Band of Horses were supposed to open for Kings of Leon on a 7 week tour in 2011, but the jaunt was cancelled three shows in due to KOL singer Caleb Followhill's "exhaustion." Band of Horses were forced to wait in Florida for three days while their management struggled to find them replacement gigs. Guitarist Tyler Ramsey called the experience "really, really frustrating and quite maddening" but says it turned out to be a "blessing in disguise" because the band was able to play their own shows their own way in the end.
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