F--k With Myself

Album: The Altar (2016)
  • This explicit anthem of self-ownership features Banks singing with her signature gloomy vocals over a big, upfront beat and moody synths. "This song is about being your own best friend, your own mother, and your own lover," the singer said.
  • Banks debuted the song during the July 12, 2016 episode of Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio. "There's so many meanings to it," she told Lowe regarding the tune. "It could be like, 'I f--k with myself,' like, 'I mess with myself more than anybody else.' It could be, 'I f--k with myself,' kind of like, 'I'm feeling myself.' It means a lot of different things that I think a lot of people can relate to."
  • The creepy video was filmed by multimedia artist Philippa Price, who directed Rihanna's futuristic 2016 Brit Awards performance. It features Banks contorting with some dancers who are wearing masks featuring her likeness.
  • This was the first song to be released from The Altar. Banks explained to Time: "I was so nervous - I didn't know what to put out first. This album represents me as a human in my current form. I can be really playful. I can be really dark. I can be really light. I can be really confrontational. I can also feel really fragile and sad. I didn't know what to do. I was spinning out.

    I went to the studio and started venting. [Producer] Tim Anderson was with me and he wrote down some of the things I was saying, and one of the things I said was, 'I guess I f--k with myself more than anybody else.' When he read it back to me, I was like, 'Thank you. I needed to hear that, and I gave it to myself.'

    I decided this should come first because this album is my altar. It represents who I am. If you're putting yourself out there that much, you can't care what people think of you."


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