Someone To You

Album: Where The Shadow Ends (2017)


  • Banners is the British singer Michael Nelson, who released "Someone To You" as a single in 2017 and included it on his first full-length album, Where The Shadow Ends, in 2019. The song didn't find a substantial audience until 2020, when it took off on TikTok thanks to its jaunty and very danceable hook.
  • In this song, Banners has a lot of love, and just wants somebody to share it with. It's tinged with loneliness, but also hopeful - you get the sense that when he finds that special girl, he'll treat her right.
  • Banners wrote this song with Grant Michaels and Samuel Hollander, who have teamed on tracks by Goo Goo Dolls ("Indestructible") and Fitz And The Tantrums ("Roll Up"). In a Songfacts interview with Hollander, he said: "It's an interesting song because it came out with so little fanfare and it was sort of thrown against the wall and it disappeared. But there's an emotional resonance to it, and I think a lot of it has to do with Michael - Banners' - his voice. There's a longing in his voice when he sings. There are moments where I get that strange goosebump, sort of visceral response, even now when I listen to it. And it's all in his vocal to me. I think it's the emotion, because I really believed everything about him when he was singing it. I really truly connected with it. A strummy, uptempo record like that can do its thing, but there's something just so innately cool in his voice when he hits that chorus."
  • In the video, directed by Danielle Girdwood and Charlotte Fassler, Banners leads an uprising of the freaks and geeks at high school, who after some training, pull off a crowd-pleasing dance routine at prom. It was a little odd for Banners because they don't have prom (or dodgeball) in England.


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