Ball And Chain

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  • Not to be confused with the Big Mama Thornton song "Ball 'N' Chain", this Stuart Wolstenholme composition runs to 4 minutes 49 seconds and is the 3rd track on side 2 of the Once Again album, which was released in the UK on February 5, 1971.

    It features a distorted lead vocal effected by singing through a paper cup with the bottom pushed out. The album was apparently recorded in some haste so that one verse was accidentally sung twice, there was no time to re-record it, and the missing verse was apparently lost forever, but appears in the official biography of the band.

    If I could live my whole life again
    I would not be on this prison train
    And I'd have no trouble from my ball and chain:

    "Without the prison reference, the meaning of the song is more obscure, although it still makes a convincing allegory of the human condition". >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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