Album: Gone to Earth (1977)
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  • Written by lead guitarist John Lees in 1971, "Hymn" has often been mistaken for a Christmas song, even by DJs, but its original title - "Hymn For A White Lady" - gives the game away. According to the March 1994 issue of the Barclay James Harvest fanzine Nova Lepidoptera, it is "primarily about the dangers of drug abuse" comparing it with the spiritual high of religion. Lees dedicated the song to Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Paul Kossoff and all those who have fallen to drug abuse.
  • In 1977, "Hymn" was released as a single in France on the Polydor label backed by "Our Kid's Kid"; it was also released in France and Belgium, and later on a 12 inch single "French Tour 1982", with three other live tracks from the Berlin album. In 1986, a live version was released in France again, with "He Said Love" and "On The Wings Of Love".
  • "Hymn" was voted favorite song in a readers' poll published in the March 1993 issue of the same magazine, with 799 votes, and again in the June 1994 issue with 326 votes. >>
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