Album: Compact Story (1979)


  • This enigmatic song was written by lead guitarist John Lees; it describes how many suicide victims feel just before they take that momentous final step; here, the narrator wakes up, the love of his life having gone, leaving him with a feeling of coldness and emptiness inside; he ascends a tall building, and throws himself off. Or is he pushed? That is the big question; it may be that he was pushed only in a metaphorical sense as are many suicides; the listener is left to decide for himself.
  • The creation of the special effects used at the end of the song are described in Keith and Monica Domone's official biography. One of the band walked to a service elevator wearing clogs; we hear it ascending, and the rush of air and impact of the victim's body after he leaps. This latter was recorded by throwing a dummy off the top of the Holiday Inn, Manchester, equipped with binaural microphones in a specially designed set of headphones.
  • Lees incorporated a black joke into the song; a crowd has gathered below, and someone calls out for the poor wretch not to jump until he can move his car. A similar if more whimsical joke was used by Cy Coben in his 1960s composition "Don't Jump Off The Roof Dad!" >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3

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  • Kjeld from DennarkI just love this song. Not that I am suicidal, it just has a wonderful blues feeling to it.
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