Glitter and Gold

Album: The Attractions Of Youth (2016)


  • This was released by former SleeperCell and Dive Bella Dive frontman Barns Courtney as his first solo release. He penned the lyrics about his experience of being dropped by a record label, after working on an album for years. Courtney told

    "After I lost my first deal I was woefully unprepared for the real world. I had no qualifications whatsoever. And I got a job in this computer store directly across from the five star hotel that I used to stay in with my old management.

    So I'd come out on my lunch break and look at this huge monolith to all of my past failings, and I'd hear my manager's new band on the radio, literally, while eating my sandwich, and thinking, 'This sandwich actually equates to about an hour of my time.'

    And I wasn't sure if I'd ever make music again. Not because I didn't want to, but because I had no contacts or anything, and I had no way to make new music. So, I think it's just about trying to hold on to that passion that you have in your youth and realizing that you're trying to follow in the footsteps of people who have done all these great things. Yeah, and just like defiance of the situation that you're in."
  • Barns Courtney recorded the song in a decommissioned old folks home in Tottenham North London. He recalled: "I wanted it to sound gritty and we didn't have drums, so we made all the percussion hitting disused filing cabinets, old film cans and stacking scissor snips."

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  • Pat from Western New York (state$I agree don't ruin a good song with discussions on politics.
  • Joe from MissiouriGigi meyers First off dont bring politics here trump has done his fair share of good for the country and some bad but this is the site for people to learn about songs.
  • Tim from Alabama ....and only a crotchety old conservative lapdog would turn a song about making your own path in spite of the footsteps of those before him, into a homage to Donald Trump.

    Who can’t stop talking bout who, now?
  • Elaine from MoldI’m totally obsessed with the songs Fire and Glitter and Gold! I can’t stop listening to them. He had such an amazing voice!
  • Lee M from Baton Rouge, LaOnly a progressive millennial would allow a guy like trump to affect them in such an emotional way that they literally won’t stop talking about him.
  • Barbara from Bethek, MnI'm with Gigi. We need modern protest songs, and this one says it well. Plus, it would be great for marching.
  • Gigi Meyer from Omaha, Ne UsaI like Barns Courtney and give my support to his creativity and relevancy to the times and I feel the following lyrics play well to the USAs challenging times.

    Do you walk in the valley of kings?
    Do you walk in the shadow of men
    Who sold their lives to a dream?
    Do you ponder the manner of things
    In the dark
    The dark, the dark, the dark

    These lyrics should be a rally call against the USA GOP and inspire Millennials to vote Trump out of office. They should take heed to think about where greed and indulgence threatens our democracy.
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