The Currents

Album: Wild World (2016)


  • This song was inspired by the rise of populist politicians such as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, whose views the band consider to be hurtful and bigoted. Frontman Dan Smith explained to NME: "It's about hearing people using the platform they have to say something you find abhorrent, and just wanting to escape. The song uses the imagery of wanting to come up for air to get away from it."

    Smith added that he had previously been unwilling to share his political views because "overtly political musicians can be embarrassing, particularly when they don't know what they're talking about." However, the "heartbreaking" Brexit vote helped find their political voice.
  • Dan Smith told The Sun the song is about "trying to get your head around things."

    He added: "It could be a politician you see on TV or just someone in the pub who says something you can't get your head around and to you is completely abhorrent. So what do you do? It's about that complete exasperation and wanting to clear your head."
  • Bastille played this song live for the first time during their gig at Austria's Snowbombing Festival on April 7, 2016.


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