The Great Defector

Album: Blue Lights On The Runway (2009)
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  • Lead vocalist Paul Noonan told Billboard magazine that this song is a celebration of coming home after touring. He explained: "We tried to capture that sense of abandon and euphoria. Like at school during summer holidays we used to try not to sleep for three days and see where that brings you."
  • The album title comes from a lyric from this song, "Blue lights on the runway, I love the colour of it all."
  • Noonan told Billboard magazine that touring overseas influenced what the band wrote about for the album. He explained: "Because it was recorded during the pockets between touring, it was timing your life between runways. Part of it was that sense of comfort when you land back home, where ever that may be. A lot of it was inspired, I suppose, by the kind of delirious euphoria that kicks in after awhile touring when everything has a constant newness and its a very transient existence. You don't get much sleep. But its nice, a nice little buzz."
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