Album: Songs For Silverman (2005)
Charted: 77


  • This song is about a guy going out with a girl who is just crazy. She pulled him from his normal life and made him revolve his life around hers, and it was almost like he was not on earth, he was just flying around with her. Now he realizes that he was not the crazy one and he's ready to come back or "land," and he's asking his friend to pick him up from the crazy life he was living because he's ready to leave that life behind. >>
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    Emersyn - Toledo, Ohio
  • Folds told MTV news that this song was inspired by a close friend who got divorced. Said Folds: "He went through a really, really rough time with his horrible witch of a wife and then he got out of it. 'Landing' just refers to his flight back to his hometown and so him coming back to being himself."
  • Typical for Folds, this song sold a lot of internet downloads but got very little airplay.

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  • Jimmypro from HomeThis is my favorite song.
  • SarahAt a concert, Ben said he told the story of this song as being about a friend's relationship, but that wasn't true. His label wanted a song with this vibe, so he wrote it ("sit right down and s--t some out"). I remember being disappointed, but it turns out it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be true to be a good story and a good song.
  • Shellane from CaliforniaGreat deal of song you've provided with regards to the situation of the boy and girl. Realization always takes at end. You finally had the guts to go and free when you think that it is just the way to go for you. I do love the song.
  • Meg from Virginia Beach, VaThis song is about an old friend of Ben's who moved out to the west coast after getting married. Over time Ben tried to keep in contact, but rarely found success. Apparently, his friend's wife was very controlling and would screen his phone calls- saying the husband wasn't home when actuality he was in the other room. Becoming so withdrawn, eventually Ben's friend committed suicide.
    The lyric, "Down comes the reign of the telephone czar" is about his friend's wife...
    "It's okay to call,
    I will answer for myself
    Come pick me up
    I've Landed"
    His friend is finally free and its his way of telling Ben.
  • Brandy from Dallas, TxThe song is not a metaphor! He moved to the west coast with a girl that controlled his life. She kept him away from his family and friends due to her own insecurities! He finally leaves her and he calls a friend/fmaily to tell them he has left her and come home! He is finally free and they will be happy to know that he came alone! Ben Folds is really not into metaphors what he states is really what he is saying!
  • Ryan from Redondo Beach, CaThis song is not about him being asked to be taken out of his crazy life!

    it's about a guy asking for a ride home from the airport. he is already out of it!
  • Sarah from Madison, WiAMAZING song! This is his best album. Gotta check out the music video sometime.
  • Joel from Palm Beach County, FlProbably my favorite Ben Folds song of all, and both music videos for this are awesome.
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