The Metro

Album: Pleasure Victim (1982)
Charted: 58


  • Berlin bass player John Crawford wrote this song. The Metro is the underground transportation system in Paris, and the song tells the story of a woman riding a train to see a former love. The couple clearly has a lot of history, and the moments of this meeting and the lead up to it are etched in her memory, as she recalls the train ride in vivid detail, including the soldier sleeping next to her.
  • The line "thank you for loving me" is often misheard as "f--k you for loving me."
  • System Of A Down covered this in 2000. Their version was used on the soundtrack of Not Another Teen Movie.
  • Berlin couldn't get many radio stations to play this song, but they had better luck with MTV, which put the video in rotation thanks in no small part to lead singer Terri Nunn, who gave them an attractive female to show alongside their Toto and Huey Lewis & the News clips. MTV was still in its infancy, so record companies were stingy with budgets for the videos. Berlin shot the clips for "The Metro" and "Sex" back to back over two days. Nunn was not happy about shooting the subway scene over and over. Exhausted, she got frustrated and started crying, which was the footage they used. Her anger and tears were exactly what the director was looking for.

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  • Amy from MaIf there was ever a song that embraces the punk pop sound and vibe of the 80's, it's Metro by Berlin. I can't help but think that this song is about the allure of the soldier sleeping next to her. She's done with the old boyfriend and his lies and lame excuses. She mentions that soldier a few times and even hates her boyfriend for trying to stay in the picture.
  • David from Chicago, Ilaccording to Terri Nunn John Crawford imagined his girlfriend riding the Metro and falling in love with an Italian.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis band was awesome. I love their music and Terri Nunn's voice is uber-sexy.
  • Dan from Denver, CoI always felt this group was under-acclaimed. Their music was always so intense and their lyrics were usually powerful and had such great stories behind them.
  • Paul from Levy, ArThe songfact about the misheard lyric doesn't make sense. There is no such line as "Thank you for loving me" in the song. There's "I remember hating you for loving me." How could anybody mishear that as "f--k you for loving me" at all? Come on, folks...geesh... Meanwhile, I agree with others here, this is the best Berlin song and a classic!
  • Matt from Harlan, KyI wish MTV still showed good videos and good music.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesIt's a pity that when you mention Berlin, people automatically think of 'Take My Breath Away'. While that was a good song, they did plenty of other good stuff too...
  • Alexis from Evanston, WyI think this is definitely the best Berlin song. I love it!!!!
  • Mark from Jonesboro, ArGreat band with one of the hottest lead singers of the 80s. The Metro was just about my favorite MTV video, from back when MTV actually showed videos!
  • Gabriel from Trujillo, Venezuela- South AmericaThis song features in the Dracula 2000 Soundtrack
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