• In our interview with Beware of Darkness lead singer Kyle Nicolaides, he explained that this song was inspired by a poem called The Flea by John Donne. The poem examines the relationship between a flea and the person it bites - how they become intermingled by blood. There's a lot of dark imagery The Flea that translates to Nicolaides lyric, especially the line: "Draw some blood, I'm not going hungry tonight."

    Nicolaides studied the poem in English class before he wrote the song.
  • Howl is the title of a famous poem by Allen Ginsberg, but it has nothing to do with this song. "I really liked the title 'Howl,' Nicolaides told us. "It's just a powerful word, it's strong."
  • Originally released on an EP called Howl in 2012, this was Beware of Darkness' first single. The following year, the song was included on their first album, Orthodox.


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