Album: I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008)
  • UK songwriter Amanda Ghost (James Blunt's " You're Beautiful") wrote this story of two lovers who refuse to come to terms that their love is doomed. The Brit also wrote "Ave Maria" and "Satellites" for I Am…Sasha Fierce. Ghost told the Daily Telegraph November 8, 2008 that she was amazed to be contacted by Beyoncé. The Londoner explained: "She approached me through her husband, Jay, because we had been introduced and were talking about working together. He arranged a meeting and she said would I write a song for her. And I said I don't know anything about urban music. But she likes so many different styles, as does Jay-Z. The reason they wanted me was because I wasn't from that world. And we started a friendship up. We spent three weeks together in New York working on the new record and we had the most incredible time. She has a complete, almost laser-like focus on what she is and what she can do."
  • Amanda Ghost's long-time songwriting collaborator, one time EMF band member Ian Dench, told Q magazine April 2009 that Ghost is unfazed by big name acts. He cited Beyoncé's recording of this song, explaining that the Texan had never done a ballad straight before. "Amanda said, 'No vocal gymnastics. Just sing it.'"

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  • Ted from Monroe, Mii'm not trying to state what the meaning of this song is but i do know i can very much relate to it.great lyrics and a great song.
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