Hello Hello

  • This the first single from New Zealand singer-songwriter Big Runga's fourth studio album, Belle. The song was made available for fans to download for a limited time on September 8, 2011, and made available to purchase from digital music stores in New Zealand four days later.
  • Bic wrote this with Dann Hume, who is the drummer of Melbourne, Australia based indie rock band Evermore. She recalled to Stuff.co.nz: "We had a great time writing together, he's pretty high energy. It was an unexpected collaboration; we couldn't be more different in our approaches. Evermore write for what seem to be big spaces, stadium songs really. So I suppose he brought a more extroverted feeling to my writing. We actually met up in Sydney because those guys are Melbourne based and Sony had a recording studio there we could use for free. It went so well that we had a second writing session in Auckland where we also wrote 'Good Love.'"
  • Bic admitted to Stuff.co.nz that she isn't, "entirely sure what Hello Hello is about," adding, "the melody is happy, yet the lyrics are a little bittersweet."


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