• For a five-week period in 2015 Biffy frontman Simon Neil fell into a depression during which his confidence in his own songwriting deserted him. The key person who helped him through was his wife Francesca. This heart felt love song describes that period. He told NME: "The turnaround for me was when I realised how unhappy my missus was. She was struggling so much trying to get me out of this funk. I could see how much it was draining her. That was when I realised: if the woman I love more than anyone in the world couldn't make me feel better, I need to fix this."
  • Neil told The Sun that he is particularly proud of this track. He said: "There's some hip-hop in that song, which we would've been so scared of trying before. But we've been through so much and now the fear gives us a certain feeling."

    "It's like the fear you get before a show, which ends up being the best show. It's facing and getting through fears."
  • Simon Neil told Alternative Press: "'Rearrange' is an apologetic love song. I'm basically saying sorry to my wife for all the s--t she puts up with being married to me. I want her to know that without her I'd be nothing and I would do anything for her, even though I don't always show it."


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