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Album: Beautiful Offerings (2015)


  • Vocalist Mike Weaver told NewReleaseToday the story behind this song: "The lyrics are the story of the song. You aren't hearing about me in the song, but you are hearing about what the Lord has done. The testimony of God in our lives is so powerful. It's not talking about us, but what He has done."

    "In Revelation, it talks about how we overcome the enemy by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. That's our experience. The world has had an encounter in a lot of ways with a church that knows a lot of stuff about God. There's this disconnect between what we know and what it looks like in our lives. For us, this season is about beginning to walk in our identity of not only knowing who we are in Jesus, but what does that look like when we step out? Not only are we redeemed from who we were, but what does the story look like from here?"

    "God has a purpose for every one of us, and it's not just to get out there and try harder for Him. It's to learn how to yield and learn how to lay down. The flesh part of me does not like dying. That's what this has to be. This carcass and all of its wishes and all it is prone to needs to learn how to die, so that then it's Christ who lives."

    "When the world sees people having an encounter with God, that's when it starts to look like God in us. When you look at the stories of people in Scripture, all of the patriarchs are all people who walked in an encounter with God. Moses and the burning bush, or Paul on his way to Damascus-- they have encounters with Almighty God. Paul encountered Jesus Himself. Those encounters began to show God working through them. That's the power of our stories."


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