Holy Water

Album: Horse Of A Different Color (2004)
Charted: 75


  • This song was written for Big Kenny's sister who was a victim of domestic violence. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Matt - St. Louis, MO

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  • Lauren from Louisiana, LaHis sister actually commited suicide.
  • Angelica from Dothan, AlThis song is one of my all time favorite songs, because my father was Bi-polar and was very often drunk/high from the time I was born, until he committed suicide when I was almost six, and I remember the violence and the fear very vividly. I have been sexually harrassed, but thankfully not actually raped. However, my sister was raped and we're close, so it's been hard for me as well. Thanks for this song. It helped my sister, and it's helped me!
  • Angela from Aitkin, MnI like the song holy water, because i was sexually molested when i was 9 by my sister's friend and raped 4 times by my ex-boyfriends friends, not only i lived in a domestic situation for 8 years, and this song lets me get away from the situation, that i think about all the time.
  • Kelly from Eastville, CtI think the Mark fellow should learn to keep his mouth shut, should he not be kidding about the comment that he left. Only someone truly arrogant would leave a comment that pertains to the one listed above. If you have not experienced a situation like abuse, you not only have no room to talk but should try to be a little more sensitive and not associated yourself with phrases that will make people think of something that rhymes with thick. I doubt Big & Rich cares what a person of your limited stature and clearly low intellect has to say.
  • Anna from Pennsylvania, PaI was abused aswell, and I really like this song, it helps a lot
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Miwow....not to be rude but im glad i have never been raped...i'd probly kill the person that did it....im sorry
  • Julie from Fairbanks, AkI myself have been sexually molested, by my father and brother since I was little. I listened to this song over and over all the time. I also liked Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith. Thank you! It really helped me get a grip sometimes. If some out there is reading this and getting abused, PLEASE, get out and tell someone, don't stop until someone listens to you.
  • Michelle from Austin , TxThis song means so much to me. I know how Big Kenny's sister must have felt; I too was a victim of sexual assault. The words in the song express exactly how I feel. I have so much respect for Big & Rich for singing a song that shows the world how someone who's been abused feels.
  • Karen from Dillingham, AkI've worked for a shelter for over 3 years, you are right on...we just did a movie for sexual assault in rural alaska. we used libby rodericks song "how could anyone" check it out...she was just featured on cnn.

    I know it's not popular to sing about these things, but don't stop....I won't see the end of DV in my lifetime, but hopefully by the time my grandchildren become parents DV an sexual assault will be a thing of the past.
    keep singing, thanks karen
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