No Favors
by Big Sean (featuring Eminem)

Album: I Decided (2017)
Charted: 56 22
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  • Over a raw, sinister beat, Big Sean raps:

    Make it, make it, make it, boy, we gotta make it
    You can save your hand, I ain't gotta shake it
    Everything lined up for the taking
    And what I need from 'em? No favors

    Sean Don didn't need any favors getting to the top, and he won't be helping anyone else on their quest to the summit.
  • Big Sean's fellow Detroit rhymer Eminem jumps on this track, spitting the second verse, in which he goes after President Donald Trump, far-right media personality Ann Coulter and various celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis, Fergie and Lana Del Rey.

    Sean Don told Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show. "Eminem was the only person I heard that could be on that song. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Eminem's work. He is unique, he's special."
  • Big Sean has worked with Eminem before. He previously gave a helping hand on Slim Shady's 2014 Motor City posse cut "Detroit Vs. Everybody."
  • The beat was created as a collaboration between Kanye West's protégé WondaGurl.and FrancisGotHeat. Canadian producer WondaGurl previously supplied the instrumentation for Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise track "All Your Fault." She recalled to Genius:

    "FrancisGotHeat actually sent me a sample, which was just the main melody of the beat. And then I just cut it up and changed the pitch and added drums and stuff, and just laid it all out and made a beat out of it. I was in the studio with Big Sean and I played the beat for him and he loved it."
  • During Eminem's verse, he seemingly validates the raping of Ann Coulter. In a post on its website, the Canadian women's rights group RINJ (Rape Is No Joke) Foundation branded Eminem and Big Sean "rape rappers" and urged fans to boycott the two MCs.
  • Sean had some similar rhymes on his Dark Sky Paradise track "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)." He rapped:

    And I don't owe nobody in the world no favors
    I started from the basement, made it to the skyscrapers
    I'm a successful nigga, I got s--t going on
  • Sean shouts out those affected by the Flint water crisis on his verse.

    Don, don, don life, I do this for the crib, the D to Flint
    Kids who get sick with lead, others get hit with the lead
    From where they need a handout
    But they tell you put hands up

    "Just the effect that lead poisoning had on me personally and my family - I just had to shout them out, man," Sean told Genius. "They need to hear that. They need that motivation. I knew this song was going to get attention. They need to know that on a song like this, not just on a song like 'Bigger Than Me,' where me and Eminem holding it down for the whole crib - not just Detroit. For Flint, too."
  • Asked what his favorite Eminem lines are on his verse," Sean replied:

    "'Pat on the back like a Patriots jersey' was crazy. And 'Tell Dre I'm meeting him in L.A. White bronco like Elway speeding.' I feel like he came up with a whole new style of just naming all those different things. 'F--k Ann Coulter with a Klan poster.' I never really heard that. I just appreciated it. Reminded me of when I heard Slim Shady LP for the first time. All the new styles he was bringing."
  • Wondagurl first made the beat in her headphones during a session with Travis Scott before taking it to Big Sean. "It took me like five minutes to make it to be honest," she told Genius. "Usually when people are having a session and they're doing their thing and I'm not really involved I just put my headphones on and work on my own beats. It cancels out the noise, so it is okay to do that."


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