Small Plane

Album: Dream River (2013)


  • This Bill Callahan song about love being his co-pilot and shared domestic life was inspired by his move to Texas and engagement to photographer and documentary maker Hanly Banks. "I kind of changed my life completely," he told Q magazine. "I just made these changes at once. I moved to a city where I had only spent a few days before, and I bought a house with a yard and a driveway. So making that change just took a lot out of me. Even learning to take care of your own house maintenance and stuff, and making music stopped for a long time."
  • The title of the album reflects Callahan's change of lifestyle. "It's something I've only realised maybe a year or two ago and," he told Q magazine. "How much you're in control of your life and the way you see things. I think there's dream rivers flowing by us all the time and you can choose to make that your life and your path. I guess now my attitude is I just try to love everybody. It's really the simplest way to say it."


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