Crash Into Me


  • This was written from the point of view from a boyfriend who wants his girlfriend back. In the song he says, "I watch you there through the window," which is basically saying that he's watching and looking at how beautiful she is. >>
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    Lucian - Blacksburg, VA
  • This song is about a voyeuristic man. Many people misconceive it as a love song and fail to see the true meaning behind it. >>
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    Brady - Boise, ID
  • On the VH1 show Storytellers, Matthews mentioned that this song was written from a "peeping tom's" perspective. >>
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    Abby - Boise, ID
  • Stevie Nicks performed this on a 2008 episode of the PBS show Soundstage. Her version was later released as a single.
  • The line, "tied up and twisted the way I'd like to be" could be referring to her bathrobe. The way it's tied and twisted in the front, like how a man's arms would be crossed around her abdomen if he were holding her from behind. >>
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    Colin - Seattle, WA
  • This shows up twice in the 2017 movie Lady Bird, each time signaling a relationship that has, well, crashed. The second time is on prom night, when Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan)'s date says he hates the song - clearly a red flag.

    When asked by Vulture what he thought about the film's use of his classic tune, Matthews replied," It was so lovely to see the song used as a central tool in someone else's story. And the moment in the movie when it plays is so beautiful: Lady Bird takes a stand, you know? It was also nice for me to see the song through someone else's eyes because I have a strange relationship with a lot of music that I've written. I listen to it and I'm like, 'What am I talking about? This is bulls--t.' So seeing 'Crash Into Me' in Lady Bird allowed me to hear my music without having to impose myself on it."
  • This was nominated for the Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 1998 Grammy Awards but lost to "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers.
  • Despite its iffy subject matter, this has been the soundtrack to plenty of lovemaking sessions over the years and producer Steve Lillywhite is no exception. "I can claim to be the first person ever to have made love to that song," he told Relix upon the album's 20th anniversary. "My girlfriend at the time, who subsequently became my second wife and mother of my third and fourth children, she lived in New York. Every weekend I would go to New York from Woodstock and stay with her. I would play her rough mixes of the album. I remember one night taking a rough mix of 'Crash Into Me' to her house and making the moves and going, 'This is a great song for making out to,' and who knows how many countless babies have been conceived to that song since. But I was the first!"
  • Lillywhite recalls Matthews hitting a roadblock while trying to write this. "Dave couldn't get the lyric right for that, though," he said. "It took him a long time to get the verses. Because, all the vocals Dave would do, really, would be his typical no lyrics, just singing a stream of consciousness. That was the vocal for so long on the album. Then we came to [the New York City studio] Greene St. to do the finished vocal. He just couldn't unlock it. I remember him going to Charlottesville one weekend and coming back to the studio. And he walked into the studio with such a big smile on his face. And I said, 'Dave, what's going on?' And he said, 'I've got it! I've got it!' He was so excited."
  • This was used on the season 4 finale of The Office. Michael plays it in his office while he's compiling songs for a "CD mix tape" for Holly. It was also used on Cold Case in the 2010 episode "Bullet."

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  • Jeffrey Allyn from Woodstock, NyFrom interviews with him, this feels like a young, quirky, horny Dave Matthews who liked to explore that impulsive desire for a person and that danger. Dreamgirl was a little more grown up version of this concept. But, he's got others like Say Goodbye that could be interpreted in a similar way. He's got such an innocence to him, and likability that allows him to explore these darker sides of human nature. Also, having grown up in Woodstock during that time, the area exuded a sexual freedom that certainly played a role.
  • Eleanor from ChicagoAs a woman... to me this song is all about sex. And it gets more specific, him going down on a woman. Crash into me is when she is 'releasing' onto his face... love it... I've felt this crazy, sex, love, amazing, and just letting go... some of you will know what I mean.
  • Julie from Baton Rouge, LaA peeping Tom or creepy vibe would mean he went from house to house....that's what a peeping Tom is...this song is very clearly written about ONE girl or woman that he can't seem to get over ...and so he watches her through the window envious "tied up and twisted the way I'd like to be, in you, in me". So as far is not being a love song based on that fact, a former lover looking in on her is not a "Peeping Tom"....not in the psychological sense.....where it is a mental disease that leads to worse things. Seems Matthews was trying to either downplay the love song potential, or he is's creepy if he peeps more than once or there's a restraining order, lol, but once, which actually just represents him looking back on the past, is hardly in the same category as "peeping tom".... perhaps he meant stalking peeping tom who is into bondage. Not my take.
  • Julie from Baton Rouge, LaIt's ludicrous to say this song is about bondage or all literal. All great songs have components that are metaphorical (Hotel California and American Pie are notable examples, I was told both were about devil worship in school!) & not literal at all...or at least some parts are left open to interpretation....that's why a song can mean one thing to one person & totally another to someone else. "Hike up your skirt a little more, and show your world to a boy's dream" makes me think of my HS boyfriend & school uniform. Innocence. The way a boy feels when he's in love for the first time, it's so all important...then he grows up a bit or loses her & wants that back, he's looking through the window at her with someone else "tied up and twisted the way I'd like to be" she's entwined with someone else both emotionally & physically...the way he'd like to be again. Repeating "In a boy's dream"....along with the lyrics suggesting this female has a strong hold on him & that he's extremely vulnerable to her insinuates to me a young all consuming 1st love type of feeling. He's watching her through the window, which could be metaphorical (such as another part of the dream), but Matthews said it had a "peeping tom" element, so he's watching her literally he's, again, quite vulnerable in that he's so taken with this lost love he'd like back. Like a drug, they say it's not the same after the first few times & people keep doing it chasing that high, he's looking to get back what he lost, perhaps love as only the young do. That's my opinion, because it makes sense to me, & whatever makes sense to someone else is OK too, that's the beauty of great songwriting, it IS left open to interpretation. BTW, neither song is about Devil worship, lol, American Pie is Don McLean mourning the loss of the '50's (some of the most complex lyrics ever written), and Hotel California is about a midwestern boy, Don Henley, views on Hollywood.
  • J from Sedona, AzI think it can be interpereted in many ways. When I hear it it makes me think of a man who has a connection with a past lover that his heart can't let go of "you've got your ball your chain tied to me tight", but how does she feel "who's got your claws in you my friend"? He knows he will make his way back into her heart "into your heart I'll beat again". The memories of her "Crash" into him - especially in his dreams. "boy's dreams" are the dreams and thoughts he has of her. It is his memories. He wants to see her though "Touch your lips just to know, In your eyes love glows" But it may be too much for her "if I've gone overboard I'm begging you to fogive me", and so he goes back to his dreams that are now more real and vivid and exciting "hike your skirt up a little more and show your world to me" "Though the window I stare you wear nothing but you wear it so well" his dreams are now his fantasies more than memories
  • Nick from Fresh Meadows, Nyi could go on and on about this song all i could say is that the lyrics are so dam good this is a perfect love song, its very touching but at the same time deviously kinky "hike up your skirt a lil more, and show the world to me" u cant have love without sex... i never listened to dave matthews groing up, i thought is was too soft, now im a lil older and i never miss his concerts, seeing them live is such a good experience, its nothing like hearing them at home or on the radio...its completely different there is so much good energy everytime i go.
  • Ryan from Richmond, VaYou guys are Preverted! hahaha. The song is obviously dreaming abolut a girl he likes. None of you guys have ever really liked a girl, and couldnt get her off your mind, and you got the butterfly feeling in your chest? its obviously what hes trying to capture here. This is one of my favorite bands!
  • Sam from Henderson, KyThis song is about a boy having a nocturnal emission
  • Isis from Boston, MaIt's about a boy peeping tom / stalking and masturbating about an older, unavailable woman, fantasizing. NOT a former lover. Influenced by whomever, the lyrics are complex, having multiple and triple meanings.

    It's actually not a sweet, harmless song.
  • Colin from Seattle, WaI think the line "tied up and twisted the way I'd like to be" is referring to her bathrobe, how it's tied and twisted in the front in the same way his arms would be wrapped around her abdomen if he were embracing her from behind.
  • Samantha from Portland, OrAnyone who thinks this is perverted is just adding their own perverted perspective to a lovely song. The lyrics CLEARLY depict a man in love (or infatuated) with a woman who he used to be with, but who is now attached to someone else: "who's got their claws in you my friend, Into your heart I'll beat again". As far as "You've got your ball you've got your chain, tied to me tight tie me up again", he's talking about emotions, not literally being tied up (dummies)!
  • Robert from Los Angeles, CaIts based on a wet dream, not about it. Use your brains people. This doesn't say "I skeeted my pants at night." This is an explanation of the dream.
  • Never from La, Casome people argue that this a song about a man peeking through a girls window then raping her because he says "tied up and twisted the way i like to be","hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me"," If Ive gone overboard
    Then Im begging you To forgive me In my haste"
    "Through the window And I stare at you You wear nothing but you Wear it so well"

    but others might say it is a love song
    "Into your heart Ill beat again Sweet like candy to my soul" "Lost for you Im so lost for you" "In your eyes, love, it glows so"

    you deside
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnI used to hate this song, not a fan of Dave Matthews voice but then I started to like it, the lyrics are very sexy.
  • Dj Qualls from Ithica, NyThis song is about a complicated love triangle between a boy with peanut butter, his balls and his dog. Evidence of this can be clearly seen with portions of the following verses:

    "You've got your ball you've got your chain", the chain in this case being the dependency on the peanut butter, the ball is pretty self explanatory.

    "Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me" (let's be honest, he just said "boy's dream" before this, so really it's a boy, maybe a tranny?), but this is from the perspective of the dog. Trust me.

    For more of my expertise, feel free to google me, trust me, I'm an expert on disseminating songs, especially ones with this motif. (Editor's note: sometimes we leave comments in simply because we find them entertaining. This is one of them.)
  • Brandon from Bossier, LaI think the song is about a teenager engaging in the voyer activity; either watching a stranger or a neighbor getting naked. He/She then has all these sexual thoughts; such as in the beggining he says (youve got your ball, and you got your chain); about this person. My reason for it being a teenager is that he repeatidly says (in a boys dream). I don't think that he would be considered a perve but the meaning to the song implies that he is idolizing women as a precios peice in our human existence. He describes this in the part where he says he lifts the skirt and can see the whole world. I think this song is about love but in a crazy way as well. The only way to get the true meaning would be to be in the eyes of the songwriter and what he was going through at the time; until then the lyrics are up for open interpretation.
  • Claire from Pittsburgh, Pathis is one of my favorite songs. i can listen to it over and over and not get bored
  • Lena from Maalot, IsraelMy interpretation of this song is a madly inlove,couple having sex (crash into me, I come into you. The man recollects the period when he was a boy dreaming about having sex and now his dream is been carried out.
    So sensual...and so romantic
  • Charles from Soulsville, Tnthere's a song by Bela Fleck & the Flecktones called Jekyll And Hyde (And Ted And Alice) they shares similar chord changes. not saying he copied it.
  • Shane from Haughton, LaThis is my favorite song of all time. I never get tired of listening to it. I heard this song for the first time on a camping trip to Arkansas. I had a friend who had some cds of his sisters that he didn't listen to, and he let me listen to them in my cd player. I came up on this song, didn't know who sang it, but those opening words, you've got your ball you've got your chain, just trapped me into listening to it. I believe that Crash Into Me is about a guy who is deeply in love with his ex-girlfriend, and he just can't take his eyes off of her. Basically, he wants to get back with her because of how beautiful she looks and how she makes him feel. Those two first lines of the song explain what he is going through. He explains throughout the song that he just loves watching how beautiful she is in what ever she is doing. He says "tie me up again" which I believe means that he does not want to let her go. Then says "who's got their claws in you my friend" which means that she must have somebody else at the time. I like the way he uses this line, rather than just coming out and saying she has somebody else.Afterwards he explains how lost he is for her at the time, and how he just can't seem to get her to recognize him. I also like how he uses "crash into me" is meaning that he wants her to come back to him. After the chorus he explains how he wants to touch her just so he knows she real, and how he only sees love in her eyes. He also talks about how crazy he is for her, which everybody at one time or another has felt before about someone hopefully.If you have read this comment and have not heard the song, then I strongely advise that you do so. I promise that you will love it.
  • Mia from Tulsa, Okthe perfect song to spark a little friendly controversy with. it's simultaneously sexy, sweet, mischievous and a bit naughty. i don't think it's about perversion, so much as desire and yearning. and ... well ... a little s&m, ok? just a LITTLE! i think people take the whole "a little boy's dream" thing too literally. the speaker of the song is calling himself a little boy in self-deprication, i think. because he is deferring to the goddess of his idolatry. he is reduced to a "little boy" when under her spell. that's hot!
  • Jesse from Chatham, Ma"a sweet song, this is a sweet song, i hope" - Dave Matthews

    during a live tour...
  • Connagheir from Chicago, IlWell, Dave said it is about the worship of women, and even if it is by a pervy peeping tom, he still knows how to flatter a woman, so P in Australia, good wedding choice, if nothing it's a good tune with cute lyrics. And I resent your comments about Americans, why don't you call the queen on me?
  • Connor from Stonington, CtAnyone who thinks this is a sweet, innocent love songs obviously has not listened to this song very closely. If anything, the lines "I watch you there through the window and I stare at you wear nothing but you wear it so well" is just more proof. "Tied up and twisted, the way I like to be," that's a little perverted if you ask me. Also the duel meaning of a certain word in the chorus. This is not a perverted interpritation, it is an accurate one. Even Dave himself says it is from the perspective of a peeping tom. I love this song, but it is not the sweet song so many have it out to be. People have all these interpratations of the lyrics, but it is really black and white. It is performed so elegantly, however, people overlook the dirty lyrics. Argue all you want, but this is the obvious truth.
  • P from Melbourne, AustraliaYou are all off your heads. This is going to be our wedding song and its not about some pervert. There is some sicko who is claiming it is a rapist song!!! What the hell!! typical Americans!!
  • Jeremy from Miramici, CanadaBeautiful and kinda scary song. I find it almost justifies a stalker/peeping tom. Showing us how he doesn't see his perversion as wrongful, but love... Absolutly beautiful song.
  • Herman from New Orleans, La"hike up your skirt...and show your world to me" - I want that!!!! Can you see it through the window? A little boy's dream...
  • J from Jackson, GaThe line that gives the peeping tom vibe is "you wear nothing but you wear it so well," but that is just me.
  • Ren from Salem, Ma"You got your ball you got your chain" I'm guessing this woman is older & married.
  • Alexandra from Maui, HiThis song holds so many wonderful memories for me. I can remember going on a ski trip and I was with the guy I was in love with (part of me still is) and we were in the back of the bus and started singing this song. It was crazy because everyone on the bus knew the song. The greatest part was watching his eyes dance and his face light up when he saw me start singing. I love Dave and he is the only person who could take something provacative and make it so beautiful.
  • Wesley from Durban, South Africathe song is about the first time a boy realizes a woman, by stumbling across her changing in her window across the road! love is lust and want and confusion when you are young, he fell in love with women that day and there was nothing perverse about it, its nature... thats where the song is beautiful! its 100% natural and is a sensitive regard for the beaty of the human body! he lusts for her, he dreams of her and he craves her. she makes him a boy!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mathew Cole from Gary, Iawhen listening to crash i like to refleck on my oden gay gang bang days, back when my butthole could take it, it is very meaingful to me.
  • Mathew Cole from Gary, Ialick my balls
  • Connor from Plano, TxThis beautifully written song can be viewed as both ways.. But, isnt those who all love his lyrics, love them because you can relate to them??.. ( YOU FEEL CONNECTED). And yes, this may be a stalker song, but please agree with this, its amazing how dave puts such simple lyrics when, (us lyricisits try sooo hard to make it that way, he makes them put together perfect. I think that, ( knwing Dave) if he meant this to be a stalker song.. Why would CRASH had been made the way it was??.. More of a soft sweet song.. Maybe when he was writting it, it was suppose to be that way.. But maybe it turned to something completley different.. Something to think about..
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI like this song but I find Dave's Voice annoying.
  • Mitch from New York, Nyi also like the dixie chicken line in his live versions....he sings "i will be your dixie chicken if u be my tennesee lamb..... we can walk together, down in dixie land" great line to a great song.
  • Alison from Chicago, Ilumm some of these comments are kinds creepy...but ya dave did say it was like being a peeping tom, but not getting a rested..oh what a character
  • Bob from St Paul, Mnthis song sounds like a kinky sex story in how he says tie me up. and he wants to come in her in a boys dream.
  • Matt from Newport Beach, CaI do feel that this song was written from the perspective of a 'peeping tom,' but I think there is another very interesting way to look at this song.

    Next time you fee like listening to this song... imagine that Dave is singing this from the perspective of a rapist.

    Just a thought, and its worth pondering on.
  • Laura from Oxford, OhMy favorite version of the song is on Live at Luther College, which is the first version I ever heard. If you haven't heard that version, go get LLC from your library and listen to it, it's #6 on the first cd. :) This is my all time favorite song...this isn't on the LLC version but I love it when he says "in this little boy's dream" because I do think that this song is about love and lust equally but the "little boy's dream" part adds innocence, you know? most versions just say "In a boy's dream"...

    This is the best song in the entire world, and everyone who is in love, you know what I mean :)
  • Joseph from Chicago, Illinois, Ilo man, i;ve loved this song since i was 5, ditto to all...
  • Chachi from Washington, Dc, United StatesIt's evident that it's related to a relationship whether it be sexual, love, lust, or from the perspective of a peeping-tom.
    Based strictly on the music itself, it seems more sexual. Yes, it is very still and sweet, but it almost echos the pace of sex. It starts off simple and it picks up musically. I have a feeling that the lyrics are in parallel with the music. I could be wrong of course.
  • Jessica from Princeton, WvSeeing how dave is my future ex husband, of course I think that this is one of the best songs ever written. Josh if your reading this, please don't forget about me. Your everything i ever wanted. Tonight, lets be lovers and tomarrow we'll mgo back to being friends. Back to the song......I LOVE IT.
    Jessica, Princeton, WV
  • Izzie from Lala, Hihaving downloaded lots of live versions, he sings the dixie chicken line in two that i know of. first, he sings it in the live in chicago at the united center album, which is my favorite live version of the song. its just so filled with life and love and passion. its amazing. he also sings it on his live at folsom feild in colorado album, which is goood as well, but doesnt compare to the live in chicago version, in my opinion.
  • Greer from Somerset, NjI like the live version, can't remember what album, where he sings the "Dixie Chicken"line..... Don't know what the 2 songs have to do with each other, but it's a cool homage to Little Feat....
  • Taufuboy from Burke, Vathis is my favorite song. i heard it on the radio yesterday which never happens! song has many meanings to me including the perverted peep tom story. amazing song
  • Beth from Orem, UtThis is such a beatiful song. it gives me shivers up my spine everytime i hear it. my favorite line it is "sweet like candy to me soul sweet u rock, and sweet you roll lost for you , im so lost 4 you you come crah into me please enjoy this beatiful song
  • Lui from Sydney, AustraliaIt is a fricken good song and band for that matter. I recently saw them live in sydney and it was the best. I need to see them again. Say Goodbye is another cracker.
    - Lui, Sydney, Australia
  • Ashley from Balwinsville, NyNot only is this an amazingly written song but the way Dave sings it gives it so much more meaning. His voice is brilliant and this is a beautiful soft rock song. Although this may have some perversion connecting with sex, I most definetely do not agree with Dave matthews being a peeping tom in any way. This song is such an inspiration to me and I don't see how anyone could have any feeling toward it but love. I just feel that it should mean so much to everyone. It definetely deserves popularity!!
  • Izzie from Lala, Himy favorite phrases in the song are "sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll." then i love "lost for you i'm so lost for you." i love every line in this song but those two are my faves.
  • Aja from Gloucester, Mai lost my virginity to the 40minute mix of this song. good song.
  • Kelly from Smalltown, Ar... I love the lines.. 'lost for you I'm so lost.. for you...' and 'tied up and twisted the way I like to be' (go Dave!) Beautiful song, reminds me of a the beautiful soul who introduced me to this band with the Tim Reynolds (??) and Dave live at wherever.. gosh it's too early. This is a very sensual perverted in a good way kind of song. LOVE it.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiomg today the weirdest thing happened! i was sittign in the car listening to the radio, and all of the sudden, those opening chords started. i couldnt believe it. this song was like, my little secret. i had never heard it talked about before, id never heard it on the radio, i dont know anyone that has heard it before except for my sister and brother. it was on a really popular radio station, and thats weird cuz id never heard it on the radio before and DMB isnt that popular where i live. when i first heard the first few notes i thought, "oh, did i bring my cd in the car?" but then i realized it was the radio and i was in shock. i was speechless. i jsut sat there. i cant believed they palyed MY song on the radio!!! the song i had been secretely obsessed with for 6 months. i didnt even believe it after the song ended. it was amazing. i have a question. why is this song sometimes called crash and soemtimes called crash into me. i was watchign the music video, on the sight i gave a few posts below, and it was called crash, and it was the same song, just a little different. some of the stuff was edited a little bit and the instruments had a little sort of different sound. the version i love and found on my brother's ipod is called crash into me. i mean, i love both, they are both frikkin AMAZING, but ultimately i like crash into me better. the song played on the radio was the version that i had heard in the music video. so is the "crash" version of the song more popular, or played on the radio more, than the "crash into me" version. because the crash version was in teh music video and on the radio. and im also assuming that the song crash is on their album crash, but is the song crash into me on any of their albums? becuase on their album crash there is only a song called crash, no song called crash into me. so is crash into me on any album?? im a little confused, can someone please explain this to me?
  • Jeremy from Clay, Nywether you hate dave matthews band or absolutley love them like myself you have to think it is one of the prettiest songs youll ever hear
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiwhat do you guys think of the music video??? you can look at it by going to, and where it says browse by artists or sumthing at the top, click on d, then click on dave matthews band. then click on crash. (its free and you dont have to download it or anything) then wach the music video. i think its soooo coool!! its really beautiful. its cool because its liek what dave matthews band thinks of when they think of this song. its not what comes to my mind, but its really like weird and cool and deep and beautiful. i love it. its like women all dressed up dancing through the forest, sort of liek fairies, and this guy strumming some instrument in a pond, and this afican guy.... its hard to explain... but i love it. im obsessed with this song. go check out the video and post what you think!!!
  • Kayt from Media, PaTo say that this song is simply perversion and one-sided (focused on sex) is insensitive to the musicianship and true talen that went into writing it. Although aspects of the song are obviously about sex, it also contains messages of awe and wonder, and of the all-consuming aspects of being in love. No matter how you look at it, it's a beautiful song.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hii seriously think my obsession with this song is unhealthy. its just too beautiful for words. sometimes ill think that this song just must be some trick of my imagination, like the song doesnt really exist. as if i made it up in my mind. but then i play it and there is that music and then hes singing those words im so familiar with. and i realize that the song is real. its crazy. I LOVE this song. see my post a few below (the long one posted by izzie)
  • Elishia from Gp, CanadaI think this songs is talking about how obsessed he was with this women and he loved him to but when he propesed she declined. but he is still attached to her and in love hence the "you've got ur ball you've got ur chain" and with his "in a boys dream" he's saying that he feels so little compared to her. that hes barely there and she is everything and he wants her.
  • Ali from Lahore, Pakistanor you could say this song fits me well, i used to take a sneak peak of this girl i fell in love with as well! so i guess im waiting for the moment her heart would melt and she shows mercy on me. im just crazy about her
  • Izzie from Lala, HiDave matthew said: "This song is about the worship of women, but this is a little bit of a crazy man, he's the kind of person that would get called the police on, some guy sort of peering in keenly at like his neighboors or something, young girl moved in or something..." and he later says "so i wrote this song about it rather than actually, uhh, peering in the window for fear of being arrested." but i couldn't care less about what the song is about, its the most beautiful and perfect song in the world. I was surfing my brothers ipod and suddenly that song started and it like overwhelmed me. it was the prettiest song i'd ever heard. i burned it on a cd and have been addicted ot it ever since. the intrumentals are so gorgeous, and the words are beutiful, you can't even tell what they're about unless you really think about it, but then you still can't really. the words dont really make sense but they are beautiful. i could put this song on repeat and listen to it all day. that's what i actually do sometimes. its so great! so gorgeous!
  • Megan from Tucson, AzI think regardless of it's true meaning, "Crash..." is written so eloquently and really exemplifies how beautiful making love can be, even if it is only in one's mind. The boy is obviously infatuated with the woman, and that in and of itself is touching...
  • Wes from Atlanta, GaLyrics don't fit the the normal day to day relationship but I love this band. Probably their best mainstream song.
  • Luke from Martin, TnLord what a hilarious song. Also funny that people try to connect a sentimental value to it, in spite of the fact that Dave himself said it was a peeping tom.
  • Beth from Phoenix, AzC-R-A-S-H into me...Sensually BEAUTIFUL. Is there a more justified delivery of emotion, desire, passion and love than in this brilliant release from the heart of Dave Matthews? This song says it all and we are ALL captivated by it's magic spell. Thank You, Dave, for one of the world's greatest love songs. Beth from Phoenix
  • Savanah from Birmingham, AlIn an interview with Dave Matthews about what this song is saying, he mentions that he wrote it in the mind state of a adolescent boy having a wet dream fatasizing about an older woman.
  • Ben from Harpers Ferry, WvJust because a song is about sex doesn't mean it is perverted. A perversion is something that is twisted from its original purpose, or something that is used for a purpose different than it is usually used for. The stuff in this song- looking at a naked person, the sex, etc is normal.
  • Drew from Austin, Tx"This song is about the worship of women." -Dave Matthews on VH1's Storytellers
  • Cody from Athens, Ohin referral to "the ball and chain analogy", i dont believe it is a reference to S&M, but rather as a symbol of his involuntary obsession with this woman, the obsession is os overwhelming that he has no choice but to ask for it again
  • Adeeb from Dhaka, OtherGentle. Sweet. Scarily perverted.
  • Sara from Sunny, CaPersonally, I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvPerhaps the most misunderstood "love song" since "Every Breath You Take."
  • Steve from Wallingford, PaThis is a great song, but it's TOTALLY PERVERTED!!! Has anyone ever read the orginial lyrics? He talks about GETTING EACH OTHER OFF! That means mutual masterbation! Lets take a look at these lyrics, shall we now? I think we will -
    "You've got your ball you've got your chain tied to me tight tie me up again"-bit of S&M? hmm?
    You come crash into me And I come into you into
    In a boys dream In a boys dream" a blatant
    reference to sex!
    "Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me" that's a bit obvious
    "And I stare at you You wear nothing but you wear it so well" egad!
    As you can see, this song, although very well written, it a bit perverted . . . hehehe
  • Derek from Raleigh, Ncthis is actually a really dirty song about perverted thoughts and weird sexual fantasies and wet dreams, but its written so beatifully, people don't notice right away. Its one of the most beatiful rock songs I've heard.
  • Susan from Tampa, Flwas in the movie joe dirt
  • Trevania from Michigan City, InI think this song is about a man who is completely "lost for" a women. She has him completely wrapped around her finger with sex
  • Greg from Mentor, OhI believe that this song is about the way that Dave feels about his wife and what it was like to make love to her the first time. In my eyes this song is about the love that a human can have for someone and the feeling of the consumation of that love. This is a beautiful song and one of his best songs that he has ever written
  • Tommy from Southboro, MaThis was one of Dave's songs written slightly in reference to Julia Grey, a woman whom he dated and proposed to 3 times, being rejected all 3 times. It wasn't totally about her though. Other songs, among others, inluenced by her were Lover Lay Down, I'll Back You Up, and Halloween. She is also the reason he spells the color "grey" with an "e" in his lyrics.
  • Surfinbetty from Brownsville, TxThis song was featured in "Excess Baggage" with Alicia Silverstone & Benicio del Toro.
  • Nicole from Sacramento, CaThis is one of my favorite songs ever, love it every time I hear it!
  • Scott from Fort Ann, NyAn incredible song. It's about a man who lusts for a woman, maybe a former lover, and wants her back. He is overcome by her beauty.
  • Nicky from Middlesbrough, EnglandThis song has grown on me. The more you hear it the more you want to play it. I really like the line...'Hike up your skirt a little and show the world to me' hmmm intresting!!
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