Nothing to Lose

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  • This song tells the story of a kid who has no friends, despite what his parents think. He is the invisible kid who keeps to himself, but is bullied. Eventually, he can't take it anymore and commits suicide. >>
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    Dillon - Sacramento, CA
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  • Dennis from Toronto, OnIt is Jon's father in law again and Nothing too Loose is a true story which happened in a School two minutes from my house. The young boy killed himself in the Auto shop. Gregory is absolutely correct. The Video was filmed in the High School the four boy met at.The song was written in the 13th year they had been together. the original name of the band was PEZ. Billy Talent is a character from a book.
  • K from Dubai, CongoIt is about a kid named Gregory Doucette from Brampton Ontario Canada.
    He was taunted to death by his schoolmates from Notre Dame High School. Shame on them!
    He was a good kid.

    RIP Gregory
  • Bess from London, --Such an incredible song. So much meaning <3
  • Lava from London, EnglandBut an amazing song.
  • Lava from London, EnglandIts about a boy called Josh, he was being pressured by bullies and school, so he hanged himself at the age of seventeen. Its a real story. Sad eh?
  • Justin from Dartmouth, CanadaSad.
  • Carrie from -------, Msreally goood song.
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