The New Cupid

Album: In My Mind (2016)


  • This soulful cut finds BJ The Chicago Kid discussing how romantic love has been replaced by one-night stands. He explained to Genius: "I'm talking about how love isn't as popular as it used to be. People still fall in love. People still meet significant others everyday but it's not as many as it used to be."
  • BJ expanded on the song's inspiration to Billboard magazine: "The song includes the lyrics, 'Cupid's too busy in the club; at the bar rolling up. He's doing the same thing we're doing.' So you're in the club three to four hours, out of how many days in the week? You get home late from the club and your girl is trippin'. What's your balance? You need to get back right. And I feel bringing that balance - talking more about life in general - is my responsibility musically. I'm also an R&B singer who really loves love in what's more of a ratchet world now. My music is all about challenging people in dope ways."
  • Kendrick Lamar raps the third verse. The Compton rhymer also collaborated on "His Pain II" a track from BJ's first album Pineapple Now-Laters. BJ has also supplied vocals on "Faith", "R.O.T.C. (Interlude)" and "Barely M.A.D.E. It," all tracks recorded by Lamar before good kid, m.A.A.d city.
  • BJ said in a Genius annotation:

    "I love hearing Kendrick on soulful music. I don't get to hear him on soulful music enough. This album is kind of more a funk form and a little soulful but I like hearing him on certain tempos where we have to think about this approach slightly different than what he would with other music. I like doing that with any artist I collaborate with. Or it's a dead on given to what their style is and we share that same style. So it's either an easy hard left or a hard right and that's what it was with this.

    Kendrick is one of the easiest artists to actually get a verse from when it comes to me. Some people take forever and a day. He gets it back to me. Let's me know when he can do and he delivers on time. Everytime. And that's from day one. I can't be mad. That's just he's still riding with a real one."
  • The song is sung over a sample of Raphael Saadiq's "Oh Girl," a track from his 2008 album The Way I See It. Also incorporated in the beat is a vocal sample from "Mr. Big Stuff" by Jean Knight and the drums from Isaac Hayes version of "Walk On By."


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