Album: Vulnicura (2015)
  • This is a track from Vulnicura, which Björk calls "a complete heartbreak album." It reflects her break up with the artist and filmmaker Matthew Barney, with whom she had a daughter, Isadora, in 2002.
  • British musician Bobby Krlic, known by his stage name The Haxan Cloak, was one of two major collaborators for the album, along with Venezuelan producer Arca. He provided mixing as well as additional production for this track.

    Bjork told Pitchfork: "Usually I do half of the beats and then I will get someone like Matthew Herbert to help me with the chorus of the song, or another guy to help me do other bits. But this time around, maybe because it's a relationship album about the duality between you and that person, doing a whole album with just one person made perfect sense. Towards the end, we needed someone to mix it, so the only other person who came into it was a guy called Haxan Cloak. Literally, just the three of us. Really simple. That's been really fun."
  • Krlic's name Haxan Cloak derives from the Swedish for "haxan," meaning "witch."
  • Vulnicura is an invented word melding "vulnerability" with "cure." Bjork told Uncut magazine she hadn't planned on writing a breakup album: "I guess I found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album," she said. "I was kind of surprised how thoroughly I had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology - like three songs before a break up and three after. So the anthropologist in me sneaked in and decided to share them as such."


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