November 21, 1965
  • Björk was in a long-term relationship with media artist Matthew Barney. They had one daughter, Isadora, together who was born in 2002. The pair broke up in 2013 and Björk's 2015 album, Vulnicura, is an intimate portrayal of their split.
  • She got a lot of attention when she wore a Marjan Pejoski designed swan dress to the 2001 Academy Award ceremony. No animals were hurt in the making of the dress, but it did look like Björk was wearing a dead swan. Her purse looked like an egg, which she would drop for photo-ops.
  • Her last name is Guomundsdottir. The use of only her first name is a usual Icelandic naming convention; her last name indicates relation to her father, Guomundur Gunnarsson.
  • Her first mainstream success came with her band The Sugarcubes, but she soon gained prominence with her solo work. She has an intriguing voice, but is also known for her eccentric personality, elfish look and experimental artistic side.
  • Björk was introduced to music at age 11 and to punk rock as a young teenager. She played in a number of punk and jazz fusion bands after graduating music school at age 15.
  • In 1999, she collaborated on the film Dancer In The Dark with director Lars von Trier. Björk wrote and produced the music for the film in addition to acting in the leading role. She said that making the film was one of the most stressful experiences of her life, and at one point called von Trier a "Soul Robber." >>
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  • Her name is pronounced "Bjerk" (yes, it rhymes with "Jerk" - something she playfully points out at times).
  • In the rider for her USA '07 tour Björk demanded either a masseuse, acupuncturist or reflexologist to be available for sessions before the show.
  • She was often parodied on Saturday Night Live, where three different actresses portrayed her: Kristen Wiig, Winona Ryder and Molly Shannon. She was also listed in a Wayne's World skit as one of Wayne and Garth's hottest babes.


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