• Speaking with Pitchfork, Bjork said the track is an extension to a song off 2001's Vespertine: "Losss" is very much a continuation of 'Pagan Poetry,'" she said, "a certain sort of girl goth music."
  • "Losss" was co-produced by Texas-based producer Rabit. Speaking in Dazed's Autumn 2017 issue, Rabit said:

    "The song that we made is pure feeling. It's my first outside production work - it's important that it means something. Thoughts and ideas have wings; we talked about this a lot throughout the process. How force of will is the ultimate force—our ability to choose. I think that the world needs a reminder of that right now. That's what the song is to me, and why it's so necessary."
  • Designed for the multiple screen viewing of Bjork's Cornucopia theatrical live show, the song's haunting music video features two creatures who take on a variety of different appearances. The clip was directed by Tobias Gremmler, who also had a role in bringing the Cornucopia stage production to life. The Icelandic singer said:

    "We based the visuals on the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist, when I recorded this I tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them in the left speaker and a higher optimist in the right. And if you listen on headphones it will match the imagery."


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