Dumpster Dive

Album: Arabia Mountain (2011)
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  • This true-story sing-a-log with a country influence takes the Black Lip's trashy aesthetic to literal new lows with a tale of rooting in bins. Frontman Cole Alexander explained this ode to trash and his love of finding new treasures to Spin magazine: "I've had great fortune dumpster diving. [Drummer] Joe Bradley was searching through some garbage once in Hawaii and found a lap steel guitar from the '40s or '50s. It works perfect. We've been using it on the album.
    One time, after the September 11 attacks, we were dumpster diving and found five boxes of urinal pads—you know, the ones in public toilets—with stickers of Osama Bin Laden's face on them. We gave them away at shows. But they weren't that well thought out. When you peed the sticker stopped the hole in the toilet, so the pee would splash back on you. It was almost like Osama Bin Laden was spraying piss at you from his mouth. I love dumpster diving. It's one of my passions."
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