Lay Low

Album: Based on a True Story... (2013)


  • Shelton told Roughstock that he readily identifies with the lyrics of this Tim Nichols, Dean Dillon and Dave Turnbull penned neo-traditional country tune. He explained: "My life is about laying low when I can. Even in L.A., when we're done taping, I get my butt in the car and I go home and watch the Weather Channel and see what's going on back home until the next morning. Miranda loves it when she and I are home together and she gets her laptop out and she shops on line for things for her store and then I get her a blanket and I get her started in the morning with coffee, and then later in the day she wants some tea and then later in the day she wants me to mix her a drink - that's the things we do together. And I can't tell you how many times, you know, somebody'll call and say, Hey, y'all want to go to dinner? And my answer is always, 'No, we're just laying low today.' We just want to be together and sit in the house and not even go outside you know. That happens a lot with us."
  • The song features fiddle from American bluegrass musician Aubrey Haynie, whilst frequent Vince Gill collaborator Paul Franklin contributes the steel guitar.


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