New Life

  • Lead singer Shannon Hoon wrote the lyrics to this song after hearing that he was to be a father. They are about the struggles he had in life that he would teach his child to overcome.

    Sadly, Hoon never got the chance to raise his daughter, as he died of a drug overdose in 1995 shortly after the album was released while the band was on tour. Nico Hoon was born just a few months before Shannon's death. The band did what they could to look after her, naming their next album after Nico with proceeds helping to support her financially. In 2013, Blind Melon bassist Brad Smith told us that Nico is still very much a part of their lives. "Nico comes out and stays with us every year," he said. "Every spring break, she comes out to California and she comes in my studio and we hang out and we write a song. I get her to sing on stuff. I still am very much in contact with Shannon's daughter Nico."
  • Soup was Blind Melon's second album. Their first album got a lot of attention because of the hit single "No Rain," but Soup was largely ignored and sold very poorly as radio stations and MTV abandoned Blind Melon. Brad Smith of Blind Melon says that despite its commercial failure, the album is an artistic success. "Our first record sold many, many more units than our second record, but the second record had a lot more critical acclaim to it," he said. "People recognize it as the truth and pure. And I think that's the earmark of a great record."

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  • Ana from Porto, PortugalWhen Nico Blue was born, the journalists asked Shannon Hoon what would his priorities be, in his new condition as a father, in order to guarantee a good life to his daughter. He answered: "Well, keeping myself alive is one of them". Ironically, he died 2 months after...
    Great band, great singer.
    Began listening to Blind Melon when i was 14 and now, with 25, i still love their songs, and i still hear them with the same enthousiasm.
    RIP, Shannon Hoon!
  • Alan from Northridge, CaIve known about this site for a couple years but never registered. Ive been out of highschool for almost 10 years now. I bought the soup album in 1997 chich was my senior year. I didnt know anyone who had it or even liked this band. I really didnt like em coz I thought No Rain sucked. I saw the video for Galaxy and thought id give em a shot. I told all my friends that listened to rock about it and I really dug it. I was really into Galaxy, 2x4, Toes across the floor and Mouthful of cavaties. The heavier ones any 17 rock kid would like. Over the years id listen to it on and off and id listen to every track. Bout a month ago I lent it to my friend whom I turn on to a lot of bands. So he told me he likes it alot. I started to listen to it alot the past few weeks and it really is a great album. New Life is my new fav song on the album. There is so much music talent. The songs are arranged so well. Im sounding like a review so ill finish by saying I love it. If Hoon was ok ..the album after Soup, and the album after that would have made an impact in music. I think some things would have changed like influencing future musicians.
  • K from Columbus, OhHis daugther was named Nico Blue, which the third album was named after, and was released after hoon died.
  • Judd from Toronto, CanadaSoup was much slower and heavier than the first album.
    I think that Hoon realized that his addiction was too much for him to overcome in the circumstance he was in so he lived the last part of his life as an example to others. He said 'If you want to experience hell on earth, become a heroin addict.' I don't think he expected to die but he knew it was likely. This song is an attempt to describe his desire to turn things around to become a good father. He hoped that looking into his child's eyes would give him strength to overcome his struggle, "Breath new life into me." Unfortunately, it stands only as a poignant warning.
    As a parent to be, this song has personal meaning to me right now as it pointedly describes the worries of becoming a father figure.
  • Caine from Billings, MtI think that soup was there best album they changed there style a little to see what else they could do had shannon lived they would be huge right now I believe they recieved poor reviews due to the the death of shannon they didnt have enough time to tour and get there new sound out and heard and if you look around youll see more melonheads around than you knew there was.
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