Album: blink-182 (2003)
Charted: 36
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  • For their fifth studio album, blink-182 strayed from their tried and true pop-punk formula and explored other sonic elements, which is evident on this New Wave-influenced love tune.

    "This is a total '80s song," bassist Mark Hoppus explained in the liner notes. "At the outro, there are four bass guitars being played. A Fender Bass VI, a Fender Percussion bass doing two different things, and a Roland Synth Bass, that sounds like a keyboard. One of the things I love best about this song is Travis's percussion, using the cabassa as an accent before the snare hit."
  • Travis Barker: "I was thinking Missing Persons, so we recorded everything super dry and '80s feeling. The cymbals are on top of each other, with cool keyboards in the outro. There's a really fast tambourine in the choruses. I think anyone can love this song. It was a simple song."
  • Australian pop singer Sophie Monk appears in the video, which was filmed in her homeland. The clip, directed by Joseph Kahn, plays around with the split-screen technique with sliding horizontal panels. Kahn has worked with a diverse range of artists since he started his career in the early '90s. Just in 2004, he directed clips for blink-182, Russian singer Alsou ("Always On My Mind"), Britney Spears ("Toxic"), Ashley Simpson ("La La"), and The Offspring ("(Can't Get My) Head Around You").
  • Blink guitarist Tom DeLonge explained the song's meaning to MTV News: "The song is about wanting to hold a chick all night long and kiss her and touch her and taste her and feel her and all these great adjectives. Verbs actually, there's some adjectives in there, but mostly verbs and nouns. Some pronouns too, but not too many of those."
  • After resisting effects for years, DeLonge finally embraced them on this album. "I used to hate them," he told Total Guitar in 2003. "With me, it was always either clean or dirty stuff. But I think I was being close-minded. On this album, I'm using weird flangers, choruses, Leslie speakers. There's a lot of weird shit on the bass, too, which is something we've never done."

    But DeLonge specified that effects are used to serve the song, not dominate it.

    "We don't center the whole song around some weird effect," he continued. "The focus of the song is still a great melody and great words. The little effect we add just makes the song better."
  • This is the album's fourth single. It peaked at #39 on the Modern Rock chart.

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  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaAm I the only one who loved Mark???haha, Tom's next but Travis, well.....nup. ewie.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaAAAAAAGH theres another Nadia down there!!!! Yay...anyway I used to be way obssessed with Blink, and this song summed up my relationship of my then boyfriend. It's sad:( This song makes me think of him....sympathy please
  • Joanna from Philadelphia, Pai think it's about two people who want to be together, but they had problems so he broke up with her. now she's not sure if she can be with him again, but he wants to give it another shot.
  • Holly from Australia, AustraliaWhen i first listened to this song i didnt really look for a meaning but now i think its about two people trying to let go but they each still have strong feelings for one another. Trying to make it right and fix the problems so that they can stay together.
  • Ollie from London, Englandi dont get this song ://. is it about two people dying together or something? did they both get hit in a car when they were arguing and then realise "hey i do love you really"?? hm... maybe thats just my imagination. im confused. oh well. its a good song.
  • Nadia from T-town, NjWhen I first heard this song a couple of years ago I fell in love with it.I was in like 7th grade and knew nothing of "love" other than middle school relationships ha and blink was my favorite band and still is. But untill recently I didn't really understand the feeling behind the meaning.It reminds me of me and my mistakes and his intwined.I cryed the first time I heard this.I bawled haha when I recently listened to it.Bc I understood it and could actuallty relate to it.this song reminds me of when a couple breaks up.
    in this situation the boy is willing to do anything in his power to win her back. He wants to show her how passionate he really is.but the lyrics convince you that she hasn't moved on either but the thought is still questionable.HE knows this feeling of pain and he knows he can't let it end. so he goes to her and explains to her that he's really and truely in love with her.but in different words.He wants her to be his always.
  • Evan from Philadelphia, PaMe nd my BF like to hold eachother close while we listen to this
  • Tom from Uk, Englandthis song reminds me of my girlfriend, we decided this to be "our song" and well really it was her idea, but still, she couldnt of picked a better song, it reminds me of her and how i always want to be with her, and if im thinking about doing n e thing stupid..lyk lets say hypothetically tempted to cheat while say..drunk:P i thankfully played the song..all of a sudden i realised how stupid that would of been to try that..perfect song for a relationship although we dont really have arguements..well playful arguements:P:P
  • Shelby from Long Island, NyWhen I'm sad,I listen to Always, Down, and Not Now over and over and over...It reminds me of the 3 people I love, Tom DeLonge, and two 16 year olds. I wont ever meet Tom I dont think, and I wont see the other 2 until next summer. It just...It suits the personality. Plus, I would also like to be the girl in the video that gets her pants ripped off by Tom. ;)
  • Gary from Elkton, Mdthis song reminds me of the only girl i ever loved
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pablink-182 have always had an 80's sound to them. i love this song, but what makes it even more special is that it reminds me of my failed relationship with my x girlfriend.
  • Jake from Sydney, AustraliaThe video was filmed in Australia during there last tour here the chick in it is sophie monk some washed up popstar reject
  • Guillermo from San Diego, CaI love this video.Its preety cool how they made those lines in the center of the video to show tom,mark,and travis.Also since the guys wore suits in the video ive been wanting to get one just like them.Peace out.
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiai think the guy did something to hurt the girl who he loves with all his heart, she wants to break up and he will do anything to keep them together
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is good. I like the beat and the tune. All Blink-182 songs are good.
  • Eileen from San Diego, Cathis song is kind of wierd, my BF likes it ALOT. In the album they have the song written in cursive and from then on i ALWAYS do the A like they do it on the album.
  • Kieran from Essex, Englandin the songfacts it says that Mark said "there are four bass guitars being played. that sounds like a keyboard" But then it says that Travis said "with cool keyboards in the outro" One of them is wrong, and my faith in this site's accuracy is waning.
  • Kimberly from Greeley, Coi enjoy listening to this song. it makes me think of my gay ex.
  • Biz from Launceston, Australiadoes any1 know how Sophie Monk is in the clip 4 this???
  • Danielle from Montreal, CanadaMy interpretation of this song is that its talking about one of those awkward fights in relationships, in those moments that no one seems to know what will happen. The guy's position is explained in the song, that he wants to be together 'always', but that he's not sure what she wants. 'I'll take you back if you'd have me' sums up what the song is talking about. 'I've been here before a few times
    And I'm quite aware we're dying' obviously means he's been in the position before and that he knows that the relationship is coming to an end. 'And I'll miss your laugh your smile
    I'll admit I'm wrong if you'd tell me' states how much he wants it to go on for 'always'.

  • Gino from Chicago, Ilthe only song on the album that compares is Go
  • Nick from Heilsbronn, GermanyIt's really a great song, I Love it. above all the video is so great. it tells about a perfect love story. I remember this song when I'm in love with a girl, all the same which girl, I Remember this song...always
    BLINK ME ^^
  • Mandy from Amsterdam, NetherlandsThis song, it's so lovely. It's really my favourite song, even though nowone knows it here. I wish I could listen to it, always.. Hehe. Lol.
  • Tanner from Bakerfield, Caomg this song is so awsome because while my ex-girlfriend and i were dating i always thot we never would have broke up and we did and this kinda helped me thru that time be cause it could just be me but i think its about breaking up and the video is so awsome.
  • Kegor from Ft Mcmurray, Canadai luv this video!! its hot when tom rips off the girls pants. *~*~I wIsH i WaS tHaT gIrL~*~*
  • Susan from Brownsvile, Txtravis looks very sexy in this video!!!
  • Stacy from Scranton, United StatesThis is one of my favorite songs on the album.Since i dont live in U.K..Blink-182 does really good in the U.S.A..a lot of american girls,(including me)think that this is a really good song and Tom is REALLY,REALLY HOT!~
  • Ashley from London, Englandblink have to get a number one in the u.k. i cant belive that all the small things did so go always
  • Beau from Australia, United Statesi have to agree with Arkady, it is a great song but i still think easy target should have been their next single released
  • Gavin from Wales, Walesthis song is the best song ive ever heard. if this dont make top 5 or better in the u.k charts im gonna get rid of one of my arms. BLINK RULE
  • Rob from Castaic, Cano, this was the best song off of the album
  • Arkady from London, EnglandOne of the catchiest choruses ever, but why the next single? Easy Target is a much better single.
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandthanks for everything, i luv u bella
  • Michael from Chichester, Englandthis song reminds of someone i really like and she dosent feel the same way :(
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