La La

Album: Autobiography (2005)
Charted: 11 86


  • The lyrics are a slew of sexual references and clichés: dressing up like a French maid, sex on an airplane, getting thrown around like a lineman (football player), etc. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • Simpson performed this as part of the halftime show at the 2005 Orange Bowl a few months after her Saturday Night Live appearance where she was caught lip-synching. Simpson was roundly booed when she finished, and the incident was captured as part of the MTV series Newlyweds, which followed the exploits of Ashlee's sister Jessica and her husband Nick Lachey. Lachey was a huge fan of USC, who was playing in the game, and cheered wildly during the game while Jessica seemed disinterested. At halftime, Jessica focused her attention on her sister's performance. She thought Ashlee sounded great (the Songfacts staff strongly disagrees) but couldn't understand why the crowd was booing. Lachey tried to comfort her by saying the crowd was there to see football.
  • Joseph Kahn directed the music video, which follows Simpson's adventures throughout Huntington Beach, California. She dances on top of a car, plays Xbox, party's 'til the cops come, and causes a ruckus at a laundromat. She likens the video to the 1982 teen flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High (though none of these events occur in the movie). The making of the video was featured on The Ashlee Simpson Show and on MTV's Making the Video.

    Kahn is known for directing a slew of artists, including other pop singers like Britney Spears ("Toxic"), Kelly Clarkson ("Behind These Hazel Eyes"), Katy Perry ("Waking Up In Vegas"), Lady Gaga ("LoveGame"), and Taylor Swift ("Blank Space").

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  • Joel from Pittsburg, WiI disagree. Ashlee does have talent. Its not like shes Miley Cyrus. I also agree she looks better with brunette or red/auburn hair. When she was blond she looked too much like her older sister.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxShe was totally selling it that Rose Bowl halftime performance too. She was stomping around, getting into it, screeching her butt off. God, I've heard better singing coming out of my own ass. As funny as that all was, I actually do kind of feel sorry for her. Her older sister is way more attractive and slightly more talented. She should get into porn or something.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaTo protect and to serve!
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThis song was featured in Elite Beat Agents. Cap White reporting for duty!
  • Matt from Pottstown, PaIt not my favourite song by her. She should keep the black hair. With the blonde hair she look like Jessica clone. It has some dirty lyrics in it. It a good song. She should do a Bob Dylan song. If she do that good she would be good. She is CUTE !
  • Trinity from Dl, MnGod I was ecstatic when she was getting booed. Finally the people are giving her the amount of respect she deserves. None.
  • Matt from Uxbridge, MaAgreed. She has no talent at all.
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