Easy Target

Album: blink-182 (2003)


  • Tom DeLonge (from the CD booklet): "A friend of ours told a story of when he was young and got asked to go to the prettiest girl in the high school's house. He rode his bike as fast as he could to get there, and she and her friend jumped out of the balcony and sprayed him with a hose. He rode home wet, sad, and humiliated." >>
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  • Randy from Ashland, Ohyap,..sounds like mommy's little monster to me...
  • Max from Loveland, Cothis is a pretty good good song. at first i thought it said "polly" not holly. so now every time i hear this song, i think of a bird
  • Mike from Bensalem, PaThis seems like a song that would be written for a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something. The first time I heard it, the lyrics just seemed to me to be talking about vampires and stuff. Just the stuff about being an easy target, looking dry, and slitting his throat seems very vampirey. plus mentions of the ether, and being a landslide to the city, and being "mommy's little monster". My first thought was Buffy the Vampire Slayer because that takes place in Southern California, and it says in the chorus "Southern California's breeding mommy's little monster".
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI wonder who Holly is, but she sounds mean. It's weird; I think they have mixed feelings for her...
  • Taylor from Olympia, Wathis is definetly my favorite song off the album.. I love the lyrics and the beat, the bass at the end is amazing...gotta love Blink 182 :]
  • Morgan from Hartford, Ctlove the bass at the end of this song. it sounds like they are underwater. blink 182 is so talented
  • Sarah from Quito, South Americahas anyone else made the corellation of the part that says "mommy's little monster" to social distortion? mommys little monster is a song by social distortion, another punk rock band. just read the lyrics to that song, and then see if it works and fits into this song.
  • Alex from Cleveland, Ohim not saying anything about Blink 182 or anything, but the chorus of Easy Target sounds very similar to the chorus of Gotta Get Away by The Offspring.
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaYeah, I read that off the CD booklet. I felt so bad for that kid...but now Holly can sit home and cry because now the whole world hates her thanks to Blink 182. Yuss.
  • Gavin from Wales, Walesbrilliant drums guitars and bass and evrythin. there voices r awsesome. not as good as always tho but still a 10 outta 10
  • Arkady from London, EnglandWhen will this be a single? The drums are so awesome!
  • Jake from Chicago, IlVery interesting...Holly must of been very ruthless and well known for breaking boys hearts...
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