Stay Together for the Kids

Album: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)
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  • Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus share vocals on this heavy tune that revisits DeLonge's emotions about his parents' divorce. He was 18 when his mom and dad told him they were splitting up. He left the house to sit in his car and write this song.
  • Hoppus also had parents that divorced when he was a child. The Enema Of The State single "Adam's Song" recalls a moment when Hoppus was frightened by their arguing.
  • This is one of the songs on the album that indicates the start of a slow maturing process for the boys in blink-182. Here, they began tackling issues with more seriousness than in their previous efforts. They still retained their sense of humor, though, as indicated by the title of the album (say it quickly).
  • In 2016, Tom DeLonge described the event that inspired this song in an episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone. "It was my 18th birthday," he said. "I came home and there were these scratch marks all the way across the sidewalk from the front door out to the driveway. I was like, 'What the hell are all these scratch marks?' I followed them up from the driveway to the front door. Open the front door and all the furniture's gone. Someone dragged the furniture out. I realized that my dad moved out right at that moment. It was the 20th anniversary of my parents and all hell broke loose on that day. Like anybody, it would affect you to see your parents break up like that. I wanted to tackle that in a song.

    'Stay Together for the Kids,' it was a simple thing. But I think the magic of it was that it was all pretty, but I wanted to do something we never did before and that was on the chorus – turn on all the pedals.

    I think we hit on something that sounded like adolescents lashing out over being caught in the middle of a storm that they had no control of. You grow up thinking that your parents are more powerful than they are. They know a lot more than they do and as you get older, you start to learn that they're just people, too. They're about as vulnerable and as destructible as you are, and I think that's what's great about rock 'n' roll. It's not about the music as much as it's about the emotion, and the emotion is what resonates with people. They feel something. I think sometimes we lose sight of that importance. When you're a musician, you get caught up in the business. You get caught up in the work. You get caught up in the fame or whatever, and then all of a sudden someone slaps you upside the head with reality, and you're like, 'Wow.' Art is really important. It's just really, super important."
  • This peaked at #7 on the Modern Rock chart.
  • This was featured in the 2010 documentary Restrepo when a soldier in Afghanistan plays it on an acoustic guitar.
  • Blink-182 filmed the original music video, directed by Samuel Bayer ("Smells Like Teen Spirit"), in the days leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The clip shows the guys playing in a suburban house that is demolished by a wrecking ball, symbolizing a home that had been torn apart by divorce.

    The band thought the visual was too reminiscent of the collapse of the World Trade Center and decided to film an alternate video staged in an abandoned mansion.
  • Blink reunited with their Enema Of The State producer, Jerry Finn, on the follow-up album, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Both were major successes, with the former boosting them to superstardom and sending them on their first arena tours, and the latter becoming their first #1 album.

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  • Michael from New York@Nicki from Mclean, parents divorced when I was 18 but can relate for sure. Both of my parents went to find themselves and in a sense left me and my younger sister behind emotionally. Almost like they forgot to be parents. Can’t imagine how much harder that was for you being so young.
  • Nicki from Mclean , VaThis song is sooo relate able. My parents divorced when I was 9, and now being 20 I'm just done with them. It's like they decided they wanted completely different lives without me. Good for them, but I won't ever do that to my children
  • Christian from Hubbard, Ohnds like you r saying "take off your pants and jack it"
  • Canaan from Chicago, Ilwhat does he mean "say it quickly"?
  • Cadence from Smyrna, TnMy parents aren't divorced yet. But sometimes I wish they were. They fight all the time and put me in the middle. They've split up all the time but end up back together. Anyways, I love Blink and this is a song I can relate to. Tom's a great lyric writer.
  • Louisa from London, --My parents got divorced when I was only three, I can't remember the last time my family was whole. I can relate to this song so much, it has so much truth in it. It's absolutely amazing. <3333
  • Ida from Moscow, Russia FederationIm 17 and my parents are getting divorced now. This song has so much truth in it, I can so relate to it. Few weeks ago my Mom told me she is divorcing Dad cuz hes been cheating on her for 2 years. This house I live in is so pathetic. They've been married for 20 years, just like in the song.
    "I see them everyday, we get along so why cant they, if this is what he wants and its what she wants then why's there so much pain?"
  • Max from Leesburg, VaGreat parents arent divorced but it would really suck if i had to go through this
  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandThis song is a CLASSIC!!!! Tom Delonge wrote this about his childhood when his parents split and divorced. Its a very moving song but also good to rock out to!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jess from Melb, AustraliaLove This Song.. So Sad Though =[
    The Clip Is Awesome Too =D
    Def One OF My Fave Blink Songs..
  • Mitchell from Commerce, MiDude i totally know where hes comin from, cause the samething happened to me.
  • Sashana from Nowhere, United StatesAnd yea Mark's parents were also divorced but Tom wrote this song, Mark just sings it.
  • Sashana from Nowhere, United Statesdad and all*
  • Sashana from Nowhere, United StatesYea in the Urethra Chronicles 2, Tom explains that he wrote it out on his driveway when he was 18, his parents got into a huge fight and all in that one day his family was destroyed. My parents got divorced when I was 7, drunk dad and al, you know. So this song reaches out to me. I just love the part when mark sings "I see them everyday, we get along so why cant they, if this is what he wants and its what she wants then why's there so much pain?" Adn the first video was made on september 10th 01 and they finished it up on 9/11 when everything happened down in New York and they realized the shots from the video looked like the images playing on tv from the disaster so they had to reshoot it.
  • Kris from Rome, Gathis song is my all-time favorite cause i can relate to this song my parents did the same thing
  • Rob from Bronx, NyYeah Tom said on a DVD that he was 18 when he went to his driveway and wrote the song not 16
  • Declan from Watfored, Englandi can relate to this song so much
    and i love it so
    man divorce sucks
    and all the lyrics in this song a relative to my past situation
    and ironically this song was released the same year my folks split
  • Steve from Ontario, CoI love this song!! It makes me cry. When they sing it i can feel the pain they had-or are going threw.
  • Wittmer from Batesville, Inwhats the title supposed to say when you say it really says something about it in the like 2nd comment from the top
  • Maria from Nowhere, OtherThanks, Bryant, it all makes sense now...! Sorry about your parents... mine were never together after I was born so... can't really relate to this song but I still love it... the line: "This house is haunted, it's so pathetic, it makes no sense at all." is the best... dont know why!
  • Gerald from Tacurong City, Otherthis song really rocks! i love the melody at the start then the fuzz in the chorus
  • Bryant from Salina, KsMaria, I think the chorus reinforces the song's message about the horror and sadness of divorce

    "So here's your holiday" - Could be talking about the break from the marriage that both parents want.

    "Hope you enjoy it this time" - I believe it is telling them sarcastically that they will regret this decision..

    "You gave it all away
    It was mine" -The divorce is destroying the children, they feel like its their fault why their parents cannot get along... Also, their family has been taken away from them... it was theirs, and now its been given away.

    "So when you're dead and gone
    Will you remember this night
    20 years now lost" - The parents' marriage of 20 years was a total waste... all because of one night, the huge fight that led to their divorce.

    "It's not right" - This is obvious...

    My parents were divorced when I was seven years old, and that's how I interpret this song... it perfectly captures the mood and the feeling of how you feel as a child when this terrible event occurs...
  • Taylor from Olympia, WaI love this song so much, can't realate to it in any way whatsoever. But I love it, It's so powerful, it's almost like you can feel the hurt in your heart and you can just picture everything in your mind. Great song.
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otherjust wondering... does anyone know if the name of the song is meant in like sarcasm? Are they saying its stupid to stay together cos they're always fighting anyway or are they saying do stay together cos if you devorce the kid will be sad...? confusing. also... what do they mean by the chorus? i dont get it. heres your holiday hope you enjoy it this time... wtf?
  • Kt from Edinburgh, Scotlandi can relate to this song to much. my parents divorced when i was ten, and my sister was 7. i have gone thru a life of violence ever since i was 2, when my mum first slapped me across the face when she locked my dad out the house and i was screaming
  • Florabelle from Canterbury, Englandthis song is a legend
  • Tbis from Gpf, Michigan, Mithis is a great song and even though tom wrote it, both mark and tom's parents got divorced. but mark had an abusive step father (go-blink-182)and both of them sing it april.
  • Brandan from Bowmanville, Canadaand ps andy: they named the album take of your pants and jacket because when u say it fast it sould like "take of your pants adn jack-it"so now u know
  • Dylan from Rosedale, CanadaThis song has had an effect on a lot of people, including me, but this song was really ment for a pain cleanser for tom's childhod (as mentioned in the beging) but it also was made to talk to other people through the song, telling them it will be ok, that even though they are big time people, they are hmans too and that they know what it is like too. I wish that all familes could all just get along but that is not the way it goes in life and I also wish to help all the people who have had a hard time with issues like these.
  • Jordan Parls from Belleville, Canadai can really relate to this song becuz it wasnt easy for me when my parents divoriced i still remeber the day the police took away my dad when i 8 years old. And its made me appretiate family, as long has u have it
  • Blake from Cincinnati, OhMy parents got divorced about 3 years ago when i was 10 and i can really relate to this song after all those years of my parents arguing. they still cant even talk on the phone without yelling about something
  • Marilynn from Winchester, VaI can really relate to this song too. Alot of people probably can. My parents split when I was 4,cuz they argued alot. It sucks,but oh well.
  • April from Lincolnshire, EnglandWasn't it Mark who wrote thins song.His Parents split up when he was a kid and never heard that Tom's parents split. Also Mark sings this song and if he sings it, he probably wrote it.
  • Tanner from Bakerfield, Cai love this song sooo much i guess cause i can relate i listen to this song every day since the day it came out i wish it came out when i was in kindergarden (thanks mom thanks dad)
  • Jd from Ginnyia, CanadaThe video was A remake, you obviousely havn't seen the Urethra Chronicles 2.
  • Mike from Arvada, Coto billy ross and whoever else said it was there favorite blink song it is a remake
  • Jared from Chicago, Ilthis song is another one of my favorite blink songs as i can relate it to my situation at home, keep em commin blink
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdthis is my favorite blink 182 song
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadathis song is so good, i love the music in it.. its amazing and so is blink 182
  • Clairey from Belfast, IrelandHa ha I've had this album since the day it came out and i only got the title there when Gabe explained it. but I'm putting that down to the fact that we say 'Wank' in England and not 'Jack'
  • Lee from Leeds, EnglandThe guitar intro to this song is so catchy but yet so easy unbeleavable
  • Gabe from Pasadena, Txi think if you didnt know the tittle ment take off you pants and jack it as in masturbation ur freaking slow and all these loser saying ohh say it fast need to grow up its not 3rd grade anymore where people laugh at the word wiener c'mon people grow up
  • Chloe from Hampshire, EnglandI may be wrong, but I heard that one of the Blink boys wrote this sitting on his driveway the day his "family fell apart"
  • Jake from Chicago, IlIn my eys, their most powerful song seince Adams Song on their "Enema of The State" album which was the album before this one.
  • Margie from Franklin Square, Nyi love this song and the way they say "so heres your holiday hope you enjoy it this time u gave it all away it was mine so when your dead and gone will you remember this night 20 years now lost its not right" that part just blew me away
  • Collin from Colorado Springs, CtI laugh when i hear this song sometimes...not because of the meaning but because at one of the concerts i went to, tom shouted "b--wjob" out of nowhere in the middle of the song..hehe
  • Marla from Syracuse, Nythe story of the album title: the band and their friends were staying in a ski lodge, when their manager, Rick DeVoe, came in from the slopes soaking wet because he had fallen. Someone said to him "Take off your pants and jacket" and they all thought it was hilarious. Another potential song title they had thought of was "Genital Ben."
  • Jason from, EnglandThe guys also said that the original title for the album was 'If You See Kay' but was deemed too obvious, and i agree.
  • Mark from St. Albert, Canadaactually...the title of the album was concieved when a friend of the band was skiing...or was walking in winter somewhere, when his buddy fell in some water...
    i dont exactly know who these people were, it coulda been someone in the band.
  • Jade from Ottawa, CanadaU have to say the title of the album quickly "Take off your pants and jacket" It sounds like "Take off your pants and jack it"
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandWhy does the title have to be said quickly?

    And wasn't 'Adams song' mature enough?
  • Mop from Winnipeg, Canadathis song is about divorce, obviously, but tom says the song is based on his own parents' divorce when he was 18.
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