Calling You

Album: History For Sale (2003)
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  • This song is about being deeply in love with someone and how it changes your view of the world. >>
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    Keri - Moore, OK
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Comments: 16

  • Jennyfer from Nyc, NyHe wrote this song about me. Called me "Mammy" back then. You're all wrong...
  • Valleyjaye from Around Dallas, Txstephanie from midland is so full of sh!t... in justin's own handwriting in his own book, it says about calling you, "i had no money so as a birthday present i had written for a great person, this was for my friend".
    dirt room was written about the frivolous lawsuit with mike rand (and for all people like stephanie from midland, for that matter)
    and for the record, i don't know the first thing about twilight but yes, justin and the stephenie meyer did tour, and she has a foreword in his book.
    true blue october fans would already know this stuff so fall back in line = )
  • Erik from Paso Robles, CaHeh, looking back on all that... O.O The names aren't spelled the same, and why would the writer of Twilight be on this site talking about Blue October. ANYWAY, sorry for the mislead observation on my part. ^.^;
  • Erik from Paso Robles, CaNow, I would just like to point out that I personally found this song initially very optimistic. I've been listening to it for a little while now, and decided to come to this site and look up different thoughts about it and such. That's when I started reading these comments and read the discussion between Stephanie and all the nay sayers. I was skeptical as well when I first heard the remark, but take into consideration the band we are actually talking about. On top of that, in the Wikipedia site of Justin Furstenfeld, it says "In August 2008, Furstenfeld toured with Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, in a sold out 4-city book/concert tour." Correct me if I'm wrong, but that does seem like a well sounded personalized idea from an inside perspective of the artist's work. I still enjoy the song none the less, but I just wanted to point out the evidence I've come across. (Don't get me wrong however, I do understand the situation at hand, if proper care and effort was taken. Stephanie could take a short extension of her time, to create a reference on wikipedia herself, write some sort bogus information, and come to this very song and write about it just to crush the hopes and dreams of the enthusiastic optimists. But honestly, I completely doubt it. :P)
  • Haley from Austin, TxNo, it's not the most upbeat. "Jump Rope" is the best song ever. Honestly it is.
  • Landon from Winchester, OhI know this band doesn't perform very many happy songs, but this has to be the most upbeat and carefree tune that Justin has ever written. When you're in love with someone, listen to this song and see how good you feel! No wonder why it has been referenced in so many of his other songs!
  • Jenny from Eastern Wa, WaNo, "Stephanie" has not "got to be right". If you think that's "super creepy", you really have no clue whatsoever. I think "Stephanie"'s comment is the thing that actually sounds creepy (and quite a bit "stalker"-ish as well). ;)
  • Jenny from Eastern Wa, WaAlso, she still sounds "all shades of messed up". A "classic stalker song"? Whatever. They throw the word stalker around so casually these days it's almost funny. :)
  • Ryan from Papillion, NeThis was my girlfriend and I's song, but i broke up with her, and now i regret it, and i Love her. this song is beautiful, and i know i sound like a dork but whenever i hear it i cry
  • Kate from Wakefield, MaStephanie has got to be right. When I first heard the song I thought the guy sounded super creepy.
  • Stephanie from Midland, TxOoooh boy you guys are wrong. I used to tour with Blue October when they were still nobodies in Bumf*ck, Texas. Justin and I would sit in the hotel rooms after shows and get all shades of messed up, and I could peel his forehead back and poke at his brain. "Calling You" is a classic stalker song embedded in cheap cheese. I prefer the acoustic he'd do for us, then you could tell exactly what it was. The lyrics were a little bit different too. I toured on and off with Justin and the many incarnations of Blue October for years, and held his hand thru some crazy stuff. Trust me on this; this song is the kind of beautiful that seems delightful, until your phone won't stop ringing with anonymous calls and your dog winds up dead with a note and flowers attached to it.
  • Homer from Chicago, Nigeriathe most amzing song ever
  • Randi from Culpeper, VaThis song is about finding the love of your life. And even though theyre perfect for you, you wonder if youre good enough for them ( "I still cant believe you actually picked me")
  • Tonya from Sharon Grove, Kythis song is absolutely beautiful
  • H from New York, NyThis is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
  • Julie from St. Paul, MnI absolutely love this song
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