Then Came The Last Days Of May

Album: Blue Öyster Cult (1972)
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  • This song is based on the true story of three young men from Long Island (Blue Öyster Cult's home base) who got caught up in a drug deal that went horribly wrong. The three youths travelled to Tucson, Arizona, to make the connection, but when they got there, the two buyers shot them, keeping the money and the drugs. Two of the Long Island men were killed, but one stayed alive and was able to identify the assailants, who were arrested.

    The song was written and sung by Blue Öyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma, who told Songfacts: "In those days, for middle class/collegiate-type people to get involved in drug sales was pretty unusual. It was an awful story - they went out to Tucson, Arizona, met up with some crooks, and got killed. The aspect of 'good kids gone bad' was a big part of that."
  • The events that inspired this song actually took place in July, but "May" worked better in the lyric.
  • "Then Came The Last Days Of May" is a track from Blue Öyster Cult's self-titled debut album. The band was signed to a major label (Columbia) and had the support of much of the rock and roll intelligentsia. None of this translated to major sales until their fourth album in 1976, which contains the hit "(Don't Fear) The Reaper."

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  • Bocswu from Long IslandI think too many people confuse the outro. The last verse or the outro, "They're ok, the last days of May...", is sung by one of the victims. Think of it as a prologue. The whole beginning of the song takes place in Arizona during a drug deal gone bad in July. The title of the song is "Then Came the Last Days of May." One of the victims is asking the song writer, Buck Dharma, if he would like to go out west with them at the end of May. Thankfully he declines.
  • Jm from VaAs I see it, the killer (the "other guy") is actually telling the story in the preceding verses (amazing how the storyteller knows a lot of details, right?). In the last verse, he switches to first person and is trying to entice another victim to take out west and kill. ("It's nice out West, I'm going, wanna come along?").
  • Jkgman64I never knew the true events side of the lyrics until recently, but in my mind I always saw one of the three boys after being shot, crawling out of the car and lying in the desert near death, and in his delirium it was his way of saying he was about to die and join his friends who were already on the other side
  • Michael H from UkFour verses are a straightforward telling of the story but the last verse is vague and cryptic.
    Any ideas about it's meaning ??
  • Dryley from Indiana, U.s.What about the last verse? I am confused as to how it fits....
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