Song 2
by Blur

Album: Blur (1997)
Charted: 2
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  • This is also known as "Whoo-Hooo," which is the chorus. The title is not in the lyrics, as the name "Song 2" was originally just a working title, with Blur introducing it that way during live performances. Fans soon identified the song as "Song 2" and the title stuck. >>
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    Kyle - Newborough, MT
  • With loud guitars and cryptic lyrics, the band wrote this to make fun of Grunge music that was big in America at the time. It ended up being Blur's biggest hit in the US. They are huge in England, but never caught on in the States.
  • Blur's bassist Alex James told Q Magazine's 1001 Best Songs Ever: "I remember having a really bad sweaty hangover that day. And it was very sunny. We were at Mayfair Studios, Primrose Hill, and I'd been trying to think of a title for a TV show a friend was doing about rock wives. Then it came to me: 'Hits and Mrs!' So I thought that was my work for the day over. It sums up 'Song 2' really. We didn't think about it at all. Graham (Coxon) set up two kits, Dave (Rowntree) and Graham started playing drums at the same time, this real "aggro" beat. Then the chorus is two distorted basses and Damon's guide vocal. It was kind of a throwback. We'd always done brainless rocking out, though maybe it's not what we're known for."
  • This is the second track on the CD, the second single from the album, it hit #2 in the UK, and it is 2 minutes long.
  • At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, this was nominated for Best Group Video. In the clip, directed by Sophie Muller (Annie Lennox, No Doubt), powerful amps send the band members crashing into walls when the chorus kicks in.
  • This was used in commercials by two different auto makers: Mercedes-Benz used it to promote its S-class cars, Nissan used it for The Sentra. It was also used in ads for video game FIFA '98 and for Pentium II processors.
  • This was used in an episode of The Simpsons in a scene where Homer and the guys go to the Super Bowl. It also appeared on the South Park episode "Stanley's Cup."
  • This was also featured in many trailers for the movie Starship Troopers. As is becoming common, the song did not appear in the film itself. >>
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    Kei - Salem, OR
  • At one point, Blur weren't sure if this was even a contender to be included on the album, thinking it too short. However, their US record company loved it. It is probably their most popular song, certainly their most well known.
  • The band tried to add more production to the recorded version and finish it off, but without success. They saw this as a learning experience. Bass player Alex James says it was "The realization you don't have to polish everything. Sometimes the thing you do first of all is when you mean it." >>
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    Adam - Dewsbury, England
  • Producer Stephen Street told Q magazine March 2009 that "Damon's guide vocal was pure babbling but it worked so well I suggested we went with it. He just needed reassurance that what he'd done was good."
  • According to Q magazine, the heavy noise on the song is Alex James' bass played twice. Alex didn't know this until Stephen Street told him, years later. He couldn't remember doing it.
  • Damon Albarn's original version was a third slower – it was guitarist Graham Cozon who sped the tune up. Said Albarn in Isle of Noises by Daniel Rachel: "It's definitely better the way it ended up. As soon as I hear myself doing anything I've done before I just do something else. I go the other way or I just go below or above. I can't bear repeating myself. As soon as I've finished something I think, 'That's terrible. Right, I better start again."
  • This was released as a B-side of "Tender" in 1999. This was because "Swamp Song," originally a B-side, was included on 13. >>
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  • This was used on Alias (2004) in the season three episode "Blowback," during a car chase scene. It was also used in the first season of Nikita (2010) in the episode "Rough Trade," during a flashback of the title character's fight training.
  • This was the walkout song for the English mixed martial arts fighter Michael Bisping, who held the UFC middleweight championship in 2016 and later entered the UFC Hall of Fame.

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  • Richard from Cassadaga FloridaAll of these thoughtful comments!
  • =w= from Cadet MoThe definition of Jumbo Jet Is a very large clumsy person... I believe he’s talking about teachers misinforming the children of this nation and world really
  • Ben from Mount Laurel, NjDespite possibly being their most popular song, it was not performed at the Meltdown Festival in 2000.
  • Kris from Uk "With loud guitars and cryptic lyrics, the band wrote this to make fun of Grunge music that was big in America at the time. It ended up being Blur's biggest hit in the US."

    Um nope this is just not true i'm afraid...

    Grunge pretty much died in 94 along with Kurt Cobain and this song was released in 97 a full three albums later for Blur.

    Blur's '93 album "Modern Life is Rubbish" which had a working title of "England vs America" was the album that had was viewed in some quarters as the antithesis of Grunge so maybe that is where this odd rumour originated?

    They had since released a further two albums (Parklife and The Great Escape) led the whole Britpop movement (along with Oasis) and then distanced themselves from said movement as it started to implode in a parody of itself by the time they got around to recording the fantastic eponymous titled album which spurned Song 2.

    One of the biggest shifts in the way they approached their music was that guitarist Graham Coxon had became ever more prominent in the songwriting (in fact this album is often thought of as 'Graham's' album.)

    At the time he was heavily influenced by American bands like Pavement, Grandaddy and Sonic Youth as well as some heavier bands too and this is hugely evident on the album (and on Coxon's solo albums in general)

    So Song 2 has absolutely nothing at all to do with Grunge i'm afraid.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI love Blur! xD Great song! Damon looks soooo amazing in this video! Mmmmmm...
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United Kingdomon a 1997 episode of Nevermind The Buzzcocks, when they play the lyrics game, Edwyn Collins and Jeff Green are trying to get the 'Song 2' lyrics right. incorrectly, they dont.

    i love how Third Eye Blind covered it in Japan
  • Jonathan from Fayetteville, NcThird Eye Blind covered it in Japan this year.
  • Rez from Bierut, Lebanon, OtherThis song kicks ass so hard.Rock on to everybody!

    A.K.A, Rez.
  • Nicky from Southampton, EnglandAmazing song.
    Blur are just incredible.
  • Priyamvad from Mumbai, IndiaThis is the only blur song which i like...
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesWhenever I hear any record Blur released up to 1999(-ish), I always remember the Britpop explosion of the mid-90s! Great times!
  • Seb from Atmore, Ali like the "i got my head down....when i was young..." part...describes my life EXTREMELY well...
  • Frank from Pearl City, HiI can't really say much about Blur because Song 2 is the only song of their's I've heard but if this is like what they do, I like it.
  • Colin from Bradford, EnglandI seem to remember hearing some time ago that Blur were unhappy with their record company for some reason and decided to call this album just 'Blur' and this song 'Song 2' just to annoy them and get their own back. Anyone else heard this and know whether any truth in it?
  • Paul from Watanobbi, AustraliaThis was song was also used for a car commercial in OZ for a Toyota Corolla.
  • Nathan from Manchester, EnglandBlur rock almost as much as Oasis does!
  • Jeffrey from Philadelphia, Pai have to listen to this song before every single one of my football matches, i love it
  • Joey from Maffra, AustraliaIt is actually "Jumbo Jet", not "Jumbo J". And I agree with Marina - I don't think there is much, if any difference between poplular and wel known. To be popular, you have to be well known.
  • Jake from Sydney, Australiamarina, well known means it is well known. popular means it is popular (i.e. people enjoy it). so yeah there is a difference between popular and well known. Hitler is wellknown. not popular.
  • Jake from Sydney, Australiaand i didn't even know until last week that the guy from Blur is the guy from Gorillaz. what a talent!
  • Robin from Brisbane, AustraliaI've had a large suspicion for some time that Song 2 is about drugs (or maybe more so the feeling associated with them). My take on the first 2 lines is "I got my head checked by a Jumbo J" (as in jumbo joint). There are also references to getting his head done, pins & needles, feeling of easiness and feeling of heavy metal. WOO-HOO!
  • Adeeb from Dhaka, Otherlove it to bits

    when it comes on you just gotta get up and go crazy, flinging your body one way and then the other till the whole dance floor is cleared because everyone is scared that you'll cause them bodily harm...

  • Marina from Seattle, Wa"It is probably their most popular song, certainly their most well known."

    lol can someone explain the difference between being popular and being well-known? ;)
  • Dylan from St. Charles, MoI live in US and i hear it all the time
  • Symon from Belgorod, EuropeThis song was also used in a special BMW commercial movie. Back a couple of years ago, they made several such movies produced by different famous moviemakers. The one by Guy Ritchie starred his wife (Madonna) and this song :)
  • Thierry from Brea, CaThe song wasnt named Song 2 because it was 2 minutes long. It was in fact literally song 2 on the album entitled Blur. The song is 2:02 to be exact. It may have be a part in the naming of the song along with the fact it was song two.
  • John from Seattle, WaThis song has probably been played in every sports stadium and arena in the US.
  • Matt from Hamilton, CanadaThis song was also used in a Labatt Blue commercial.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjUseless fact: in the video for "Song 2" Damon is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.
  • Deanna from Washington, IlAnyone have Girls & Boys by Blur? Great classic.
  • Rodrigo from Mexico, MexicoThe song is named song 2 because it is 2 minutes long it was also the intro of FIFA 98 road to world cup for n64
  • Jenny from Sussex, NjIntel also used this song to advertize the latest version of the Pentium chip (I believe it was the Pentium 3)
  • Nazrul from Ampang, Malaysiathis song also use in the intro of FIFA 98 Road To World Cup (PC and PS)
  • Chet from Saratoga Springs, NyI have been a fan of Blur since 1991 when they came out with the song, "There's no other way" of of the LP, Leisure.
  • Amara from Brookline, MaSong 2 is awesome! Everyone else in the US is missing out on Blur. British groups rock.
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