Tha Crossroads

Album: E 1999 Eternal (1996)
Charted: 8 1
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  • This song was dedicated to Eazy-E (real name: Eric Wright), a rapper and music mogul who was a member of the group NWA. He died of AIDS in 1995; Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were signed to his label, Ruthless Records.
  • The Isley Brothers' song "Make Me Say It Again Girl" was sampled onto this song.
  • This song won the 1996 Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group.
  • There are 12 credited songwriters on this song, making it the record amount of songwriters credited for a #1 American hit. When "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims reached pole position in 2007 it created a new record, with 13 credited songwriters.
  • In 2002 the British group Blazin' Squad released a cover version, which topped the UK charts. All 10 members were approximately 16 when this track was released and had just taken their GCSE school exams. One of the group's members, Tommy B, says in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh, "I heard the track on MTV and thought it would be good to cover. It's one of the Top 10 biggest rap tracks of all-time in America, it spent eight weeks at #1 there, but didn't reach those heights over here, so I thought we could give it a UK vibe."

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  • Amy from FloridaI believe that when you die, your soul leaves your body to go through a series of passages that lead up to the place where your soul rests. In each stage you must come to grips with losing something that you will have to leave behind, along with your life and body. To help you through these transitions, you have the guidance of a loved one, wether it be your best friend or lover or a family member, living or deceased. So you don't have to go through it alone. No one wants to die alone. That's what this song is about. Anyone who has had to live with their loved ones dying all around them, has had to think about death and what it's like. This is a promise to be the one who will be there at the crossroads, to hold their dawgs hand, tell them it's going to be OK, so they can pass on. That's love.
  • Rayne from London Kirk , you are so wrong about 'Wally' it was Not about biggie at all , Wally is actually Wallace Laird 3rd. This song was written in 95' and released 96' biggie didnt get shot till 97'
  • Joe from Lewisville, TxThis song is definitely paying homage to the late and great Robert Johnson. Legend has it he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar playing skills at the crossroads (insersection of hwy 49 and hwy 61 in Clarksdale Miss.). The legend also claims he was a terrible guitar player until making his pact. After the pact, he became a legend. Johnson claims that when he went to the crossroads he "never felt lonely". Ralph Macchio starred in "The Crossrads" which is a movie based on the life and times of Robert Johnson. This is also stated in BTNH"s hook in "The Crossroads". Keep in mind RJ was a blues legend and is often considered the father of rock and roll during the 1930's. Just my 2 cents!
  • Jamiya from Woodbury, Mnduhh how could you not know there back together there album is coming out march 30th its actually pretty good that there back
  • Alex from Goshen, InDamn.This made me lmao.
    Bone thugs is back together. All 5 of them.
    Flesh went to jail during the recording of their 1999 album BTNHRESSURECTION, but he is out now.
    And bizzy got kicked out because he started drinking heavily after he found his brother murdered and full of bullet holes over a dispute involving marijuana,and because of the other problems in his life (money,women,etc) but he got back with the group when flesh got out. There where two versions of crossroads.The original was about friends and family they knew that died. Sometimes you can find copys of e.99 on ebay that still have the original song on it.THen after eazy e died, they did a remix, which is the song that ended up turning into one of the most popular hiphop songs of all time.thnx.
  • Cactusjack from Oakland , CaDo you people know anything Big Died after this song was made in 1997.
  • Salvegajr from San Diego, TxKirk, you're right. Bizzy did have his demons and i just wanted to point that out because i didn't mention it in my previous quote. But that wasn't the only reason. Money talks, homie...
  • Salvegajr from San Diego, TxOk aimee, coonie from min.
    Everything you said is true, but... Bizzy did not leave the group. He was kicked out of the group. But not because he wanted to get paid for doin' nothing. He wasn't getting the money that was promised to him, but the same thing was going on with all of bone thugs. But the others didn't take the route bizzy did, instead they turned on each other and hit the fan.
  • Allox from Pom, --What a powerful song.. I want this played at my funeral. But it's tied with James Taylor's 'Fire & Rain'.. But GOD I LOVE THIS!! Just the feel of it and the meaning behind it.. I could listen to it over and over again; it has so much meaning. And the clip is so touching..
  • Aimee from Coonie, Mnoh god. that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. Flesh Bone did not get shot in a drive by shooting, he's in prison, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for threating a friend with an AK-47 and is expected to come out on parole sometime this year. and in the group it's layzie, krayzie, and wish , bizzy left the group because, he never wanetd to do anything and expected getting paid for doing nothing. The song crossroads the original verison was for Uncle Charles, then they later made a second verison for Eazy-E and their homie's, nothing about lisa lopez.
  • Jaymie from Wellington, New ZealandHow can it possibly be about Lisa Left Eye when it came out before she died??
  • April from Bloomington, InAll y'all are on something. Crossroads is about Lisa LeftEye and there is no question.
  • Victor from Chi-illa Killa, IlYo Kirk when they say Wally they're not talkin bout B.I.G. they talking about a homie they had named Wally who got snuffed.
  • Kirk from Chicago, IlOh, and Bone is still together. The 3 remaining members (Layzie, Krayzie, and Wish) are releasing an album (Strength & Loyalty) on April 17th, 2007.
  • Kirk from Chicago, IlJohn DeMatty- Firstly, you are wrong. This song IS dedicated to Eazy-E. "Little Eazy's long gone, really wish he would come home". Secondly, you are not quoting the original mix of this song, you're quoting DJ U-Neek's Mo Thug Remix. The original is about the Notorious B.I.G. (real name Christopher Wallace). "And Wally even though you're gone, gone, gone, you still got love from bone bone bone..."

    Also, you clearly do not know much about BTNH. Flesh is not dead, he is in prison. He was sentenced to an 11 year sentence in 2000 for violating his parole. He is eligible for parole in 2008 and is expected to be released. Bizzy did not quit, he was kicked out because he had problems with drugs (the group officially parted with him after he performed intoxicated with the group in October of 2002).

    Do a little research before you post or just don't post on groups you clearly know nothing about.
  • John Dematty from Greensburg , Pafist off bone isnt even togeather anymore its now just layzie krazie and wish. Bizzy quit and flesh was killed in a drive-bye. This song was not dedicated to Eazy-E it was dedicated to everyone that any of them knew that was killed or died thus the reason it says "and im gonna miss everybody" and "why they kill my dogs and i miss my uncle charles ya'll"
  • Fabian from East Brunswick, Njfirst of all, no one can deny that eminem has skill, listen to his battles and his first two albums, "Infinite" and the "Slim SHady EP." Second of all, the BTNH is the greatest rap group ever, and Bizzy is the best rapper ever largely because of their skill. They had the flow, the lyrics, they could sing, they rapped about real stuff.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesAnyways, T-Bone, if you're comment was in reply to Rebecca's, how do you know she's not black? That was very naive of you to just assume that she was white... And rap and dance enthusiasts who claim that both genres are completely superior to rock seem to forget that if there was no rock music scene, rappers and dancers would be hard-pressed for songs to sample from... Anyways, love this song, though absolutely HATE Blazin' Squad's awful 2002 cover...
  • Ben from Nyc, Msyou know, more rapppers rip off rock artist's than vice versa
  • Josh from Richmond, Varip off artists? teach a rapper to play a guitar and he'll still suck. teach him how to sing, he'll still suck. teach him to do both at the same time, thats talent. anybody can make a "hard" beat on a computer.And even Dr.Suess wrote rhymes. Bone was talented because they harmonized and rapped about stuff besides money ,big asses,and george bush.They actually had meaning to thier lyrics like tupac and biggie did. I listen to all music,that includes bluegrass to classical to opera to EVERYTHING. And i did like eminem, but he fell off. Bone fell off too,but not much today can touch this song or album for that matter
  • Crockettman from Barberton, OhT.Bone must be some sheltered 11 yr old or something. First off, Bone Thugs was awesome back then. I'm white and I like old rap from early 90s and 80s, I HATE Emenem. AND MOST RAP IS JUST SAMPLES OF ROCK SONGS. AND YOU'RE ALSO A RACIEST FOR THE WHOLE "White's only listen to rock and Blacks only rap" which is a load of crap...GET A LIFE MY MAN. I've been to at least 50 heavy metal concerts and there's always a bunch of blacks, The only people that like M&M are 14 yr old girls anyway just because they think he's 'cute' or whatever.... Sorry, that had nothing to do with Eazy E, but that dude is a closed-minded retard like Kayane West.
  • Andrew from Indianpolis, InBone is the Hardest on the planet any one who hates a group of indivduals with no inkling as to who those people are is ignorant<|||||>~~~ ANYWAY this song is a song that speaks to the soul of any one who has lost someone special
  • Shane from Logan, AustraliaThis song was played at a mates funeral and everytime i listen to it, the song makes me reminded of her...... at the time she was 14..... R.I.P Danielle, you are dearly missed... she died in early 97 to a suicide.... thanx to her then boyfriend... so Danielle we still think about you... Myself, Mitch, Joel, Dave, Ben... we all miss you Love ya always girl....
  • Rebecca from Peoria, Azi love this song and video also its so very good
    even thought i hate rappers but not eminem
    but yea.
    ijust love this song
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