Album: Drunk Enough to Dance (2002)
Charted: 67


  • According to Bowling for Soup lead singer Jaret Reddick, Emily is a real girl. In our 2010 interview, he explained: "If you were a huge Bowling for Soup fan and had the last 10 albums, you could start a chart and figure out how many girls there really are. It's really not that many. I keep going back to the same well. And really, that just makes sense. I mean, I'm an adult. I'm 38 years old and I've got a wife who I'm happily married to for 10 years and two awesome kids. So most of my heartbreak and BS relationship-wise that went on in my life happened as a teenager or in my 20s where it really impacts you, whether it's good or bad. I pride myself on only having my heart broken once, and I credit her with our career."
  • Butch Walker, who has also done production work for Weezer, Katy Perry and Pink, produced this track. Talking about working with Walker, Jaret Reddick explained: "It was really cool, because the biggest thing that I learned from Butch was a production thing in that you don't have to go in a room with a band and get your stamp on their songs just for the sake of changing something. Because all of the changes that he made were very, very subtle. For example, the song 'Emily' on Drunk Enough To Dance actually had a little intro, and we all played together. When we started chopping, the only thing he changed in that song, he said, 'You should just start that with guitar and then have the music kick in on the second half of the verse.' We did it, and everybody's eyes just lit up. Just one thing, one little subtle thing that guy heard in his brain, and it made that song the second single in the UK."


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