Album: Boxcar Racer (2002)
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  • This is written from the perspective of someone who jumped to his death from the World Trade Center when it was attacked on September 11, 2001.
  • Boxcar Racer is a side project by members of blink-182. Tom DeLonge sang the part of the jumper while Mark Hoppus sang the part of someone watching from the ground. >>
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    Brandon - Tokeville, Canada, for above 2

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  • Jesse from Myrtle Beach, ScThe song is about 9/11 and the people who experienced it. The first verse of the song is written from the perspective of someone realizing they have no choice but to jump out of the building. The second verse is about the people watching it all go down, and witnessing people jump out of the buildings.
  • Marianne from Kimberley,This is a work of genius. "Let's forget this all, move on"! Mark Hoppus' voice colaborating with Tom's is perfect for this song.
  • Drama from San Angelo, Txand september 11
  • Drama from San Angelo, Txits about the suicide of Blink-182
  • Bibsly from Baltimore, Mdthis song was written from the point of view of a 9/11 jumper. It's such a sad song and i love that the band wrote about it because the lyrics really help people to see how awful the 9/11 event was. Box Car Racer is an amazing band as well as other bands Tom delonge is in (blink-182 and angels and airwaves)
  • Y from Poop, Canadagood song yo
  • Christine from Austin, TxI didnt know thats what the song was written about but after listening to it again, i totally get that.
    But you know how ppl were saying that Mark got a little hurt by Tom doing boxcar without him? Well i interpreted the part where Mark and Tom are going back and forth saying 'Lets forget this all move on' as them wanting to put all of that hurt that was between them behind and move on.
  • Tim from Sydney, Australiathis song is brilliant in the fact it is so original.u have tom singin the first verse,a person who has decided to end their life by jumpin off a building,n u have marks part,2nd verse,someone who has witnessed this person kill themselves.
  • Matt from Newfoundland, Canadathat's pretty cool i never would have gussed that.I feel like writeing a cool song like that from another persons P.O.V.
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