One Of Those Lives

Album: This Is Country Music (2011)


  • Paisley explained the background to this song in an interview with Billboard magazine: "We venture into some touchy territory for me, which is dealing with childhood illness. The song talks about one of my favorite places in the world - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - as well as Target House, which is the long-term stay facility that I'm actively involved in at St. Jude. Being able to say the words 'Target House' in a song is a victory because I've been there many times. It's saints at work."
  • Paisley wrote this tear-jerker about a family dealing with their little boy's cancer with Kelley Lovelace and Lee Thomas Miller.
  • Paisley gives a shout-out to a place close to his heart when he sings, "that family moving back into Target House." He told The Boot about Target House, which is part of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. "Target House is where a family winds up if they are told their child is going to require more than six weeks worth of treatment," he explained. "Target House was built by Target as a place they can have the best situation a family could want, and that is they are together. The art room and the gym were both donated by my friend [ice skating champion] Scott Hamilton, who introduced me to this place. I donated the lodge, which is a hangout area in the center of the house where there's a pool table and Guitar Hero, TVs and a fireplace. It's just a place to hang out and play games. Amy Grant did the music room."


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