Sealed to Me

Album: Yet To Me (2015)


  • Brand New debuted this heartfelt, stripped-back song at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on April 15, 2015. The band passed out a lyric sheet for the new track at the merch table before playing the song during their encore. Before debuting the tune frontman Jesse Lacey explained the story behind its conception. "We've been writing music and sometimes it's real hard to write songs. It takes forever. You just kinda' sit around and think about it, and you try it out and it doesn't work," he explained. "We're a real mess like that, that's why it takes us so long to write music."

    "But sometimes you're just sitting around, watching TV or doing nothing and you've got a guitar and you start playing a song and it just kind of happens," Lacey added. "This song kind of happened like that."
  • Lyrically this was inspired by Lacey's struggles in his personal life. "It's hard being 37 and learning a lot of hard lessons that you should've learnt when you were 17, but I'm learning 'em, I guess," he said.

    "And this song is about that," Lacey added. "This is for all those people who have been dealing with me for so long. I love them a lot. So, if you could bear with me, this is the first time I've ever played this in front of people."

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  • Harry from Pennsylvania I'm convinced this song is to his wife Andrea. There are numerous Mormon faith undertones. Even the title of the song (Sealed to me) refers to Mormon scriptures of afterlife. Jesse clearly is not Mormon nor can he conform to it. He suffers that his marriage to her will be shortly lived because in the afterlife he won't be granted the right to be with her. You gonna cast me away into outer darkness cause I couldn't cover the rent to stay in gods apartment (doesn't get more literal than that ).
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