The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Album: Deja Entendu (2003)


  • Jesse Lacey wrote this as an apology to a girl he dumped for no reason: "If it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again, and you can tell me how vile I already know that I am." >>
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    Grant - Central Coast, Australia

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  • Mandy from TexasThe song title is about how you take a shot at being with someone or you “shoot your shot” but because he basically sabotaged himself, he blocked it. Blocking his own shot. Brilliant in my opinion.
  • Brand New from Californiait’s about his relationship with what was once just a fan, and whenever he was in town for a gig he would call for her. Being that she was young, he couldn't really commit to being with her. She eventually got tired of his ways, and tried moving on, but he would always do some gesture or say something to get her to give in. When she got older and finally had enough, he gave up on her, and though feels bad about the whole thing, there was never any closure hence the song.
  • Ross from East Lansing, Mi"I sneak in your bed, and pour salt in your wound" means the girl he was seeing allowed him to get close with her, emotionally, and he just ended up hurting her, and hurting her worse because they so close. He did save himself from a heart break, by breaking up with this girl for no reason. He prevented a heart break by breaking up with the girl for no reason. He wasn't a "safe bet" as he says. I f--king love this song.
  • John from Watertown, SdThis song is in a way a follow-up to the song "Seventy Times 7" which is about the lead vocalist of Taking Back Sunday, Adam Lazzara. That song was written because Jesse's Girlfriend at the time cheated on him with Lazzara and then Jesse wrote seventy times 7 to express the situation in a song. He then decided to forgive his friend and he wrote a follow-up somewhat as an apology I guess for Seventy Times 7. Adam Lazzara and Jesse are still friends to this day.
  • Noah from Wyoming, CoFor those fighting about the title, I think it's completely obvious. Suicide. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot. Pretty simple.
  • Matthew from Stockton, United Kingdomthe title of the song is what Jesse's father used to call him when he was playing sports as he put his arms in odd places and he would block the ball accidentally with his hands. I know alot about this band
  • Sarah Ann from Carrollton, Gai think the boy who blocked is won shot is about a girl and guy together and it just falls apart. the girl has problems with getting herself together. she turns it around and blames him. it hurts him to see her that way because he loves her. thats why he doesnt want her to be sad but he knows there is nothing he can do to help her, she dangerous. thats why he says shes second hand smoke, but he also loves her, but saying shes the blood in his veins. theyre still friends, but things are falling apart. and he cant do much more for her.
    ive had things like that with people. i always the one that couldnt be helped. but i helped them and they were happy.
    i could be wrong, but thats what it is to me.
  • Tony from Carmel, InThe song has NOTHING to do with basketball. Jesse is known to give random and joking reasons behind songs. if you listen to live recordings, he has different backgrounds for several songs, many of them completely stupid. "blocked his own shot" is about someone screwing up. like "i blocked any shot i had with her when i tried to tell her how that Brand New song was about basketball and she told me how much of an idiot I was."
  • Kat from Creston, CanadaMy friend went to a Brand new concert, and jesse explained it.. its about a boy who blocked his own shot in basketball,and his dad would make fun of him for it because of the way that he held the ball.. he was reminising on the past when her wrote this song.. and also about the guilt of getting out of a relationship with a girlfriend before she could, so he couldn't be the one to get hurt.
  • Jazzmaun from Edmonton, Kyactually, the boy who blocked his own shot was named after a song by the Smiths titled "the boy with the thorn in his side," because The Smiths is one of the bands brand new was greatly influenced by.
  • Mellissa from Cork, Englandi think this song is aboout, his girlfriend being anorexic and he cant deal with it anymore so he breaks up with her. "pale white like the skin stetched over your bones" "you are so fragil and thin standing trial for your sins"
  • Ste from Liverpool, EnglandThe boy who blocked his own shot is Jesse, Jesse's dad used to call him the boy who blocked his own hot because of the way he shot in baketball, the way he held and threw the ball led to him blocking his own shot apparantly!
  • Mattyb from The Burg, MdI disagree with ema about the title of this song. I think it refers to him messing up what his own future. Like in basketball, you take a shot and it could go in or not. But if it gets blocked, there is no point in shooting. Well in this song, the boy blocked his OWN shot, by ending a relationship for no real reason.
  • Mer from Long Island, Nythe lyrics in this song get me every time.. the metaphors are so relative when it comes to young peoples feelings. most artists dont have the ability these days to create perfect metophors regarding their feelings. The line "as i sneek to your bed to pour salt in your wounds" is a prime example of Jesse's amazing songwriting.. and it puts its readers in the place of the person breaking up for a change.. where sympathy may be needed as well. he describes how it is just as difficult on both ends of the breakup.
  • Chris from Bolton, EnglandI split up with my 2 year girlfriend a year ago. Listening to this song reminds me of it still. Most relationships end badly and Jesse is just trying to make it as easy on his ex as he can. But the self-contradiction in his lyrics ("we'll start talking again..." "i'll move out of this state") show that he'll try anything to not hurt her any more than he already is doing. I remember how this feels. No matter what you do it feels wrong. It mirrors the chaotic emotions of knowing nothing will get you back together. I love this song.
  • Samantha from Jack Meoff, Pagod, i am in love with this song.

    the lyrics are very powerful and have an effect on people. this band is real.
  • Ema from Darwin, AustraliaThe song being "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" is meaning he saved himself from a heart break (being shot in the chest). He got out of the relationship to save himself. not her. I think he feels guilty in a sarcastic way. because of the line "So call it quits or get a grip" and "I sneak to your bed to pour salt on your wounds". It actualy confuses me alot. It kinda reminds me of a guy whos my best mate and makes me angry cos i love him and i cant be with him.
  • Mattyb from The Burg, Md"Say you wanted a solution. You just wanted to be missed"
    I think jesse is refering to himself here. It backs up what grant said about dumping the girl for no reason, or just to be missed, while in his mind justifying it as "wanting a solution." i can relate.
  • Mark from Liverpool, EnglandThis is a great and poetic song about guilt. It has less symbolic meaning than some of their other work but the music is flawless and the lyrics are genuinely touching. They are very personal, and the imagery is fantastic.
  • Stephanie from Moreno Valley, CaI agree they are a mature band and they write the best lyrics i have ever read i love brand new i cant wait till they make a new cd :)
    -stephanie c,moreno valley, cal.
  • Eric from Stockton, EnglandThis is the best song on "Deja Entendu" simply because of the lyrics and the way Jesse writes this. For me he has to be one of the best song writers out. I probably agree with Grant about what its wrote about.. but im not 100% sure. brand New are by far a more matured band.. and i wonna see more of there stuff soon ;D
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