The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Album: Deja Entendu (2003)
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  • This song is a story about a young couple who decide to get married at a young age ("Veil in ruins in the rain"). As soon as things get serious, the burning lust that was once in the couple was already burning out ("By then it was you I could do without"). But by then it was too late to back out and they already had kids on the way. The protagonist is now regretting the opportunities in life that he lost by settling down too early and he blames his wife and kids ("Although the kids are blessed the parents let them shoulder all the blame").

    The "Quiet Things" are all these regrets that he has but can't tell anyone about. He has to bottle up his emotions by "Keeping the blood in your head, and your feet on the ground." These secrets are what he's talking about when he says "I lie for only you; and I lie well." >>
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  • Jacob from Huntington, WvI think the question most of you are trying to answer is about the perspective of the protagonist. The song itself, in my opinion, is about a failed relationship that the protagonist is trapped in. He, like many people started a relationship with someone because it seemed fun at the time, but quickly realized that he didn’t truly love this person and just temporarily enjoyed her company (“by then you I could do without”). He stays with her because it’s easier than breaking up and it benefits everyone else in the story (“kids are blessed, but the parents let them shoulder all the blame”). In my opinion “the quiet things that no one ever knows” are the reasons that one partner doesn’t truly love the other. They are all the things that you might think about but your partner (nor the rest of the world) will ever know because you ignore them and keep them in your head. You bottle them up and try to just get through the day (“keep the blood in your head and keep your feet on the ground”). Now weather the protagonist is imagining that he did/didn’t stay in the relationship, or just recounting the events of the past, I don’t know, but I think it really doesn’t affect the message a whole lot. The vast majority of couples feel that they have to - to some degree - lie to one another in order to keep the relationship alive. If you told your partner every time you had a negative thought about them or doubted the relationship, it would end very quickly.
  • Alex from St. Catharines, Onthe video balatantly is about drunk driving or so it seems. that's just what first came to mind when i saw it,
  • John from Watertown, SdI think the song is about all of the things in a relationship that no one ever talks about but can have serious effects on it. Things that most people would pay no mind to but has a big impact on how it will turn out in the end unless these things are confronted by both people in the relationship together. If these things aren't confronted they can slowly deteriorate the relationship until it will eventually come to an end. Basically the message is pay attention to the little things and stop "wasting words on lower cases and capitals."
  • Nathan from New Castle, InIt's about him and his GF breaking up and later on down the road she told him that when they were together she had gotten pregnant and aborted it. He didn't believe in abortion and he felted like she cheated him of a chance to be a father. Hince " the quiet things no one ever knows". He said that in an interview when the song first came out on Fuze.
  • Rachael from New Your, PaWell In another interview. Jesse had said it could be about a car accident where the guy kills his girlfriends or wife in the accident. Thats why it says " I saw the hospital.
    Nurse the shoreline like a wound.
    Reports of lover's tryst
    Were neither clear nor descript.
    We kept it safe and slow.
    The quiet things that no one ever knows."
    So i would have to agree with Ross.
  • Nate from Fair Grove, MoI think it could even be a recountance of this love he had. He thinks about the day they'll be married but once the wonderful memories set in, they are followed by what destroyed the relationship in the first place. I've felt this exact same way before and the whole chorus is a frustrated way of saying he's frustrated and keeping it all bottled in and due to all that is going downhill with no way of being stopped, even letters are wasted in words that can't slow the turmoil. I think the video is symbolic to the crash and burn theme as well, but that once it all came to the climax and crashed, a little bit of him died and he feels like a ghost following her while she was hurt, but was able to recover.
  • Shawn from Beachwood, NjI think there are also several metaphors saying it won't work."Your veil is ruined in the rain" talks about bringing her down also by a relationship that won't work. "Keep the blood in your head, and keep your feet on the ground" I think means think clearly, stand your ground, drop out before it too late because we know this won't work. "I lie only for you, and I lie well" could also be lying saying saying I dont love you anymore, we need to stop, but he really does still love her, but he lying so "her veil" wont get ruined in the rain. Veil is symbolic of marriage, the most important day in a woman life, and ruining it with something that just won't work(the rain is the problems he forsees. Just my opinion
  • Bella from Fu**erton, CaThey don't actually get married. The lyric is "I contemplate the day we wed" which means he is only imagining their wedding, even if it may not happen at all.
  • Doug from Darien, Ctafter watching the video i think its about how jesse and his gf "crashed and burned" their relationship spiraled out of control and jesse is left with a lot of remorse, and in a way the couple still loved eachother, even though they couldnt save themselves. I think thats wat the car crash symbolizes in the video at least
  • Damon from Seeley Lake, MtI went and watched the interview so I see what you're saying... I still think the song might be about what I said before but the perhaps the point of view is different... instead of living through it maybe he's just imagining the marriage situation to justify ending the relationship with the girl... kind of like saying, "we had this relationship and it was good but let's end it now before we take it too far"... now I'm not saying you're wrong and I'm right, it's just what i think
  • Taco Face from Taco Shell, Wii love this song. it is my favorite by brand new. its sad though....
  • Danielle from King City, MoRoss is right. You can check out the interview here:
  • Danielle from King City, MoYeah, Ross is right. You can check out the interview here:
  • Angie from Elgin, Il:[ its sad, but i love this song
  • Julia from Www.myspace,com/juliamusicnote, MoThis song marked the beginning of me noticing all the "freakishly long song titles" fad.
  • Shelby from Long Island, Nyso depressing... it gives me shivers.
  • Ross from Philadelphia, PaI'm pretty sure that's not right. Jesse explained in an interview that the song is about a relationship that is going extremely well but because of something foreseen in the future, the relationship is ended prematurely while things are going fine.
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