Ashes Of Eden

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)
  • This ballad offers a stylistic reprieve from Dark Before Dawn's hard rock. Lyrically it seems to be about Armageddon and Judgment Day, however frontman Ben Burnley remains coy about the song's meaning. "I've come up musically listening to Nirvana and I absolutely idolized Kurt Cobain, and he always really was adamant about people finding their own meaning in what his songs were about," he told Billboard magazine. "So I kind of take a page from his book and do the same thing where I like people to drawn their own conclusions."
  • Burnley is more forthcoming about describing the video's concept. He explained that it's a "sort of a modern sci-fi take on Adam and Eve," in which two astronauts are separated from their ship and "plummet to a water planet where their ashes turn to the building blocks for life as we know it on earth."

    "Billions of years go by and the earth becomes the earth as we know it," he continued, "and they've sort of re-evolved into humans and have found each other again."

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  • Robin Leann from Oklaohma At The MomentI know exactly what benjamin is talking about. I feel the same way. Lots of love Robin Leann
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