Torn In Two


  • The second single off Ember, lead singer Ben Burnley started writing "Torn In Two" when he was penning Breaking Benjamin's previous album Dark Before Dawn. He could not complete the song in time for that record, so he put it away for a while. Burnley had another go when they did Embers, and this time he could complete the tune.
  • The song's meaning is difficult to work out, and even Ben Burnley cannot help. He explained to Apple Music: "People always ask what the lyrics are about, but I don't know. I know that sounds stupid; believe me. But they just popped into my head."
  • The song topped Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart, becoming the band's sixth #1 on that tally.
  • The cinematic "Torn In Two" video is the second chapter in a trilogy that tells the story of a father's hellish journey to save the soul of his murdered daughter. The intense imagery pulls inspiration from Dante's epic medieval poem The Divine Comedy.

    The video trilogy begins with the "Red Cold River" clip and ends with the "Tourniquet" visual.


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