You Ain't Here To Kiss Me

Album: Brett Young (2017)
  • Brett Young first met Taylor Mills in Scottsdale, Arizona while she was at Arizona State University; the pair went on to date for six years. After school they moved to Los Angeles together, but they broke up after Young upped sticks to Nashville.

    This song, like many on Brett Young's debut album, was inspired by their split. He penned it after taking a plane out west and spending a week there without getting in touch with Taylor.

    If you really don't have it figured out by now
    There's no need for me to hang around
    I gotta get outta town

    Young told Taste of Country, "A little depression and a glass of whiskey goes a long way in a writers' room for me."
  • There is a happy ending to this Songfact. After a few years away from each other, Brett and Taylor got back in touch and realized that they both wanted to be together. The pair wed in California on November 3, 2018.


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