Album: Save Me From Myself (2008)


  • This was the first single from Welch, who was formerly a member of KoRn. In the liner notes for the single, Welch says: "The lyrics for 'Flush' are basically about flushing all the crap in life down the toilet and starting out fresh. All the drama that I experienced with getting drunk and doing drugs all the time seemed interesting and amusing to write about."
  • Welch talked about making the song in the liner notes: "'Flush' was actually created accidentally. Well, sort of... In the summer of 2005 I went through this crazy writing streak where I wrote almost forty songs in forty days. Whether they are all good or not is a matter of opinion, but that's when 'Flush' was birthed. I was about ten days into the forty day writing streak when I just got finished writing a song called 'Save Me From Myself.' I really wanted to go home after working all day on the song but I realized I lost my studio key and I locked myself in the studio. While I was waiting for my friend to bring the key, I started thinking about how crazy it was that all the music was flowing out of me, then suddenly I had a thought, 'I'm gonna go back inside, grab my keyboard, and whatever my hands do, I'll make a song out of it.' I knew it sounded crazy, but since I was having so much success writing songs, I wanted to see if that approach would stop the creative juices from flowing. It didn't. I remember saying out loud, 'God, give me a crazy riff.' When my hands hit the keyboard, I immediately played the opening riff for 'Flush.' It was thick and groovin and I loved it! I wrote it on a keyboard, but I knew it would sound big and beefy when I put the huge distorted guitars on it. After I recorded the idea, I just shook my head and laughed because I wrote such a cool riff without even trying." >>
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